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My skin has always been one of my biggest issues when it comes to my body, so I'm always on the search for skincare products to help me improve it. Today I'm showing you my favorite items of the Louis Widmer collection. For those who don't know the brand yet, Louis Widmer was founded in Switzerland in 1960 by Louis-Edouard Widmer and his son Louis-Max Widmer. Even now, family members are actively working in the company to keep it running and to find ways on how to improve it. Louis-Max was even named' Entrepreneur Of The Year' in 2003, so I think they are doing their job pretty well. With "Living For The Skin" as their motto, the team at Louis Widmer is constantly on the search for the newest developments concerning the skin and everything related to it. I've been testing these products for more then a month now and I can see the positive results already. That's why I needed to share this post with you. Hope you like it ;)


The Eye Contour Gel is definitely my favourite product. It soothes fine lines, reduces puffiness, moisturises, refreshes and conditions the delicate tissue of the eye area. A real must-have! The Lip Care Stick UV hydrates the lips and protects them against UV rays.


Moisture Emulsion Hydro-Active is a highly effective daily skin care product acting as an intensive moisturiser and providing long-term protection against premature ageing of the skin and against detrimental environmental influences. The Pro-Active Cream Light is a cream that nourishes, moisturises and regenerates the skin. My skin became firmer and smoother.


Extrait Liposomal is an intensive anti-ageing base serum to improve the skin structure. This one is really heaven! Anti-Ageing Intensive Complex is a highly effective day and night care product. It offers long-term protection against premature ageing of the skin and harmful environmental influences.


The Eye Make-up Remover Lotion removes eye make-up instantly and gently. The mild pleasant base is perfectly suited for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The Body Milk is a great moisturiser for the body. It's not sticky at all. I'm using it every day.


Discover more of Louis Widmer here.

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Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 05 February 2016:

Interessante post. Ik hou van de beauty-info. Extrait Liposomal is een van mijn favoriete producten. Die is zoooo goed! Moet de andere ook eens uitproberen. Ben benieuwd ????????

Gravatar Lona Stradivarius

Reply Lona Stradivarius on 08 February 2016:

Super leuk artikel. Zelf gebruik ik alleen maar producten van de apotheek dus ben wel eens benieuwd naar deze. liefs, Lona


Reply 08 February 2016:

Louis Widmer is the best, no doubt!

Gravatar Karen

Reply Karen on 09 February 2016:

De eye contour gel ga ik zeker eens proberen!

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