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posted 8 years ago, on

haar beter

February is definitely one of my favourite months. Besides my birthday my second favourite celebration is Valentine without a doubt. How do you celebrate St.Valentine's Day? As for me and the hubby, we are probably going to have a romantic dinner in the city and of course, spoil each other. :D Every year we are trying to figure out what each of us would like to get, what would be the perfect Valentine gift? Since my baby is my number one fan and follows my blog faithfully I'm almost certain that he will check my latest posts to figure out what his girl needs ;-) So let's get back to the essential;

Right now, I’m craving accessories and more specific jewelry. Women and jewels it's an endless love affair, right? ;) I have a special crush for love signs. It's got so obsessive that I even want to get a new tattoo with it or a mini heart. Only... My model agency forbids me to have a second one so I guess I have to console myself with some lovely jewelry I've spotted at Swarovski last week.

I truly believe that this brand can be worn by everyone and for every occasion like work, casual or a night out. I saw a pair of earrings that I would love to wear on a fashionable night out with friends and a few bracelets that I could picture on my wrist while I am having a relaxed Sunday with my hubby in the city. And even better? It’s affordable! The items I’m showing you today start at 59 €. Sounds good tho? ;)

Have you seen the Valentine collection? Omg I urge you to have a look at it here. I've seen so many beautiful fashionable and trendy necklaces, rings, bracelets and much more. So I want to take this opportunity to share a few of my favourite Swarovski gift ideas. I'm sure your Valentine will find the perfect present in here.






I'm wearing a total DELEYE look here & accessories by SWAROVSKI here.


"Affordable, fashionable and makes every day extraordinary, Swarovski is the perfect gift to sparkle all day and night!"


Dear necklace €99 here
Dear bangle €99 here
Creativity coiled €119 here


Rare ring €59 here
Rare ring €59 here
Slake deluxe bracelet €69 here


Daytime W H €249 here
Attract ring €119 here
Pendentif exist €89 here


Vittore ring €59 here
City grey watch €299 here
Vittore ring €59 here


Dear necklace €99 here
Edify earrings €79 here


Exist bracelet €119 here
Slake dot bracelet €69 here
Slake Deluxe bracelet €69 here

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Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 08 February 2016:

Mmm... I ❤ the rings and bracelets ???????????? Beautiful pictures, like always! ????????????


Reply 08 February 2016:

Beautiful Lima! Love it all <3


Reply 08 February 2016:

What an inspiring post.
I really like the watches they look great.
Such a stylish outfit to.
nice work gurlll

Gravatar Fashionandcash

Reply Fashionandcash on 10 February 2016:

Beautiful jewellery...

Gravatar Eni

Reply Eni on 13 February 2016:
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