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bewerkt nieuw

Hi Beauties! I hope you all had a great weekend! I'm back from the city of light and had such a great time thanks to Dior and Viktor & Rolf! Meanwhile I came home and was welcomed by the craziest weather ever, two days of constant rain and wind. It was kind of scary actually. But Helloooo, this won't stop me of taking pictures. So this time I've shooted my outfit in the living room. It's kind of different but I still like it though... Anyway, last week hubby and I made a trip to Roeselare. I've been desperately trying to find the perfect outfits for my events in Paris. I've ended at Deleye (here); which I would describe as the walhalla for every fashionista! They have more then 200 fashion brands, isn't that amazing ? :D It's one hour driving but it's so worth it as I found everything I needed and much more... The first item I'm showing you is this romantic lace dress. It's simple but oh so pretty and classy, don't you think so? :) Thank you so much for passing by! <3

Aujourd'hui je vous montre une superbe petite robe en dentelle de chez Deleye (ici). Pour celles qui ne connaissent pas encore la boutique, vous ratez vraiment quelque chose! C'est une heure de route mais le déplacement vaut vraiment la peine! Avec plus de 200 marques en boutique c'est difficile de faire mieux. ;) Donc si vous avez l'occasion de passer par là (Brugsesteenweg 530 - 8800 Roeselare) profitez-en pour y jeter un coup d'oeil ou juste une petite virée shopping! J’espère que cette première tenue vous aura plu! Bisous x

Vandaag toon ik jullie een mooi kanten jurkje van bij Deleye (hier). Voor degenen die de winkel nog niet kennen; Deleye is de walhalla voor elke echte fashionista! Het is een uurtje rijden van Antwerpen maar de verplaatsing is echt de moeite waard! Met meer dan 200 merken is het moeilijk om ze te verslaan. ;) Dus, als je eens in de buurt bent (Brugsesteenweg 530 - 8800 Roeselare) ga dan zeker een kijkje nemen! Tot snel ladies <3

Pictures by Kevin Swijsen.

niueywe goed



I'm wearing:

Deleye dress here

Steve Madden heels

Buba London bracelet

Soru Jewellery Earrings & Ring



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Gravatar Naomi Wattemans

Reply Naomi Wattemans on 31 January 2016:

Waw Lima zo mooi! Echt beeldig kleedje aan :D


Reply 31 January 2016:

You totally rock this look. I love the detais and cut of the dress. Good job Lima! x

Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 31 January 2016:

Prachtig! ❤❤❤

Gravatar Alina Befu

Reply Alina Befu on 01 February 2016:

You rock at that black&white picture! Xx

Gravatar Karen - Dressing in Labels

Reply Karen - Dressing in Labels on 01 February 2016:

Wow zo mooi! Dat kleedje is echt prachtig!

x Karen

Gravatar Hugo

Reply Hugo on 01 February 2016:

Prachtige kanten jurkje! Stijlvol, klasse!

Gravatar Lacey Jayne Clements

Reply Lacey Jayne Clements on 02 February 2016:

Such a cute little dress...

Lacey xx

Gravatar Eni

Reply Eni on 04 February 2016:

Gravatar Marie Roberty

Reply Marie Roberty on 24 February 2016:

The lace dress has become essential and inevitable for several season. I'm excited to bring out that for the summer when the weather permits in Belgium :)

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