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Lima's Wardrobe Hello sweeties! New, young, unique, Belgian and affordable that's O'rèn, made by Michael Wauman & Nathan Murillo

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Hello sweeties! New, young, unique, Belgian and affordable that's O'rèn, made by Michael Wauman & Nathan Murillo. O'rèn is a high-end prêt-à-porter line that is known for its quality and perfect fit. Today I'm showing you a sweater of their "Olympus Capsule Collection" inspired by the Greek gods (here). The collection is completely unisex and can easily be worn oversized. I adore the wide black stripes on the shoulders and arms cuz that's what makes them so special. I combined it with my favourite H&M ripped jeans, Steve Madden killer heels (here) and my Nathan-Baume briefcase (here). Hope you guys like this post. Big bucket of kisses to you all <3

Bonjour les filles! Nouveau, jeune, unique, belge et abordable ça c'est O'rèn, conçu par Michael Wauman & Nathan Murillo. O'rèn est une ligne de prêt-à-porter haut de gamme qui est connue pour sa qualité et sa coupe parfaite. Aujourd'hui je vous montre un sweat de leur "Collection Capsule Olympus" inspirée par les dieux grecs (ici). La collection est unisexe et peut être porté plus large. J'adore les rayures noires sur les épaules et les bras car c'est ce qui rend ce thème si spéciale. J'ai combiné mon sweat avec mon jeans déchiré d'H&M, mes talons Steve Madden (ici) et ma mallette Nathan-Baume (ici). J'espère que vous aimerez ce post. ;) Gros bisous à vous toutes <3

Buongiorno ragazze! Nuovo, giovane, unico, belga e abbordabile: tutto questo è O’rèn di Michael Wauman & Nathan Murillo. È un brand di prêt-a-porter diventato famoso per la qualità e per la vestibilità perfetta. Oggi ho indossato questa felpa della loro “Olympus Capsule Collection”, per la quale hanno preso ispirazione dalle divinità greche. Si tratta di una collezione unisex i cui capi sono da indossare quasi tutti oversize. Ho abbinato questa maglia ai i miei jeans strappati preferiti di H&M, a questi tacchi vertiginosi di Steve Madden e alla valigetta di Nathan-Baume. Cosa ne pensate dell’outfit? Vi mando un sacco di baci. A presto, Lima -x-






Sweater: O'rèn - Heels: Steve Madden - Eyewear: Vogue - Briefcase: Nathan-Baume - Biker jacket: Cosi Cosi.


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Gravatar Amanda Stas

Reply Amanda Stas on 08 October 2014:

Wow! You look amazing babe! Awesome outfit! Perfect ripped jeans and I'm obsessed with your hair! Miss u! x

Gravatar Sandra C

Reply Sandra C on 08 October 2014:

that sweater is to die for! I adore it! Need it! Want it!
Des bizouuuuu partouuuut

Gravatar La Vie De Coco

Reply La Vie De Coco on 08 October 2014:

Your style is just incredible!
I love everything you bring, it's always so inspiring to me.
Keep on the good work love X


Reply LINSEY SIJMONS on 08 October 2014:

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 08 October 2014:

I love this outfit from top to toe! Awesome sweaters!!! I want them for my girls!!!

Gravatar Tomina

Reply Tomina on 08 October 2014:

Ton style est impec.
J'adore tout tes looks,
tu m'inspires aussi beaucoup, merci

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