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To celebrate Christmas time, SMETS invited us last week for an exclusive Xmas shopping night, in presence of some brand designers. For those who don’t know this shop, the Luxembourg multibrand store SMETS is the new fashion temple in Brussels. They have 3800 m² of fashion, design and contemporary art. The brands offer is hallucinating! You don’t know where to look first because there is so much to see. I’m literally blown away every time!:D Below some pictures of my favourite items and that great night! Enjoy your week sweeties!

La semaine dernière, pour célébrer Noël, SMETS nous a invités pour une nuit exclusive d’achats de Noël en présence de quelques créateurs. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas cette boutique, ce multibrand Luxembourgois SMETS est le nouveau temple de mode à Bruxelles. Ils ont un espace de 3800 m2 dédié à la mode, au design et à l’art contemporain. L’offre de marques est hallucinante! Je suis littéralement époustouflée à chaque fois! :D Ci-dessous quelques images de mes articles préférés. Profitez de votre semaine! Bisous, Lima xoxo


JYB Cosmetics are organic skin care products for men and women. It’s new, 100% Belgian and I love it! :D Take a look at their website for more details here.



My favourite brand of the moment… KENZO! I can’t get my eyes of it hahahah ;)



Loubiiiieeessss… Yes we all love Louboutin <3! I can’t get my eyes of it hahahah ;)



SWATCH has a fantastic collection. If you still looking for a nice Xmas gift ;)




BAOBAB are the best candles!!! I want them all. :D Love the stylish package and the delicious smell!


How amazing are these endless chains?? :D



BE BY MAGALI PINCHASI, it’s colorful, Belgian and so girly! I’m fan! :D


IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT a new way to get your mobile photos into a Polaroid.



My crush… VALENTINO!!! I want that small red leo shoulder bag.




BEATS By Dr Dre, I have the pink one and I’m so happy with it.



If you want to visit SMETS, this is the adress: Chaussée de Louvain 650, 1030 Schaerbeek. ;)

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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar The Fashion Panda

Reply The Fashion Panda on 12 December 2013:

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 12 December 2013:

Beautiful post!!! Lové everything :)

Gravatar Inge Van Israël

Reply Inge Van Israël on 12 December 2013:

Heel leuke foto's!

Gravatar DeaL

Reply DeaL on 12 December 2013:

Great photos!

Gravatar Оксана Золотухина

Reply Оксана Золотухина on 12 December 2013:

Great review! Thanks for sharing:)

Gravatar Bárbara Marques

Reply Bárbara Marques on 12 December 2013:

So many beautiful things!
I'm in love with those leopard + red sneakers :D
Giveaway on my blog :)

Gravatar Alissa Gromova

Reply Alissa Gromova on 12 December 2013:

So many beautiful and pretty items. Kenzo is also my favorite brand in this moment. I am in love with it´s eyes psycodelic prints!! Love your look, and all the pictures are amazing :)
Have a nice day doll

Gravatar Kiwi Fashion Blog

Reply Kiwi Fashion Blog on 12 December 2013:

Looks like a fun event! It's always an eye opening experience attending things like this! I wish one day I get to go to one too ��

Gravatar Maripiliyrebeca Cortés Romeo

Reply Maripiliyrebeca Cortés Romeo on 12 December 2013:

Que suerte!!! QUe cosas más bonitas!!
Bss guapa!!

Gravatar Bethanie

Reply Bethanie on 13 December 2013:

beautiful items, great post

Gravatar ivette

Reply ivette on 13 December 2013:

Lucky you! What a cool.event, loving.those chain necklaces!

Gravatar Chahrazad

Reply Chahrazad on 13 December 2013:

Owh my! Such beautiful things.


Gravatar Bárbara Eirís

Reply Bárbara Eirís on 13 December 2013:

sure you had so much fun watching all these perfect stuff!!
you look gorgeous on the pics!!
love, Bárbara

Gravatar Sabrina

Reply Sabrina on 13 December 2013:

Your photos are so gorgeous! This really looks amazing. Such beautiful details to everything. Following you on bloglovin' now! Hope you'll check out my blog too.


Gravatar libys11

Reply libys11 on 13 December 2013:

Gravatar Alena Vorontsova

Reply Alena Vorontsova on 13 December 2013:

Very beautiful photos!

Gravatar Ewelinachiclifestyle Ewelina

Reply Ewelinachiclifestyle Ewelina on 13 December 2013:

so many fantastic pieces. I wouldn't leave that place too early


Gravatar godisable jacob

Reply godisable jacob on 13 December 2013:

seems like much fun.. nice blog.. am following dear..

Gravatar Amara

Reply Amara on 13 December 2013:

I love every pic!!! *.*

Gravatar JustPorsh

Reply JustPorsh on 14 December 2013:

Beautiful pictures!
Love the chains!

Gravatar diana

Reply diana on 14 December 2013:

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 14 December 2013:

Zo'n mooie spulletjes allemaal !!!!! mooie foto's ! Nessie

Gravatar Gal Ben-Moyal

Reply Gal Ben-Moyal on 16 December 2013:

I'm so glad to see you doing what you love! You look perfect as always my love !! a very cool store :)

send you kisses from Israel, Gal.

Gravatar Maya Bogaert

Reply Maya Bogaert on 16 December 2013:

Zo stom dat we elkaar gemist hebben! Ik ging deze week ook over Smets posten :D maar wel meer focus op die supercool decoraties die daar hingen, ik wil ook grijs/zwarte kerstversiering nu

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 18 December 2013:

Mooie post. Ik heb gisteren de JYB cosmetica ontdekt in de August Ortsstraat, aan de Beurs in Brussel. Ik ga eens binnen snuffelen en kijken wat dat gamma biedt.

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