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Lima's Wardrobe Hello Ladies! Many of you asked me questions about my favorite cosmetics. So, I thought it was time to make a post about my beauty essentials

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Hello Ladies! Many of you asked me questions about my favorite cosmetics. So, I thought it was time to make a post about my beauty essentials. (I promised to do this once a month.) I'm a model, hereby my skin is very important. In this article you can see the products that I daily use and which I am very satisfied. If you guys are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift; for your sister, mother or friend... Than maybe this list can inspire you. Guarantee that you make them happy! ;) The pictures were taken in my girly dressing. As you can see, I have everything in pastel colors. Since I was a kid I was dreaming about a princess room. This is how my space turned out...Hope you like the pictures. ;)

For many of you the brand Filorga might sound unknown, but in France it's extremely popular. Why? Because Filorga is basically completely focused on anti-aging. Once they started with injectable medical anti-aging products, now they put the same pure ingredients in their anti-aging skin care. Filorga is also successful because of their lower price range. The most expensive product of Filorga costs 54€. I tried the mask and eye cream. The mask is a great sensation and the eye cream works against bosses, dark circles and fine lines. All I need after a hard week. ;) Can't live without them!

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night is available in a pot of 60 ml and costs 43€. It is a magical product. The real magic takes place at night. When I wake up my skin looks so good! The first thing I noticed was that my face is radiant and smooth. It does exactly what I expect from a good night cream. Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night is exclusively available at ICI Paris XL.

The KENZOKI SPRAY Qui Fait Belle creates a nice coup d'éclat, healthy and well groomed skin. Besides the incredibly refreshing effect and the wonderful smell you can also use it to fix your makeup. I have it every day in my bag. :D

IOMA Youth Booster serum itself is pretty delish! It protects my skin, reduces discomfort and regenerates it. I just love it!

Qiriness is a Swiss beauty product range for the face. One of those balms is Le Wrap Temps Sublime. A global anti-aging mask that is specifically designed to deal with signs of skin aging. I now regularly use the mask and what particularly strikes me is that my skin feels really comfortable. <3

I already wrote about KIEHL'S products in my last beauty post (here). They are absolutely in my top 5!

RITUALS Ginger White Tea Essence is my new fragrance of the moment next to my Chanel n5. ;) I love the smell because it's so fresh and I can wear it for any occasion.

L'OCCITANE Immortelle Regenerating Concentrate is an evening serum that smoothes and firms.

The Immortelle Divine Cream melts deliciously into the skin, giving a sensation of supreme comfort. A thick buttery smooth cream texture. It has oil base but doesn't feel sticky or oily when you spread it out on the the skin.

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Gravatar The Fashion Panda

Reply The Fashion Panda on 17 December 2013:

Gravatar Nathalie VandenBerg

Reply Nathalie VandenBerg on 17 December 2013:

Ik wil ook dat ikea tafeltje in mijn nieuwe appartement!!

Gravatar Diana Garcia

Reply Diana Garcia on 17 December 2013:

Great collection! You have awesome things!
Now I´m following you on bloglovin, follow me on G+ or bloglovin! 

Gravatar Chahrazad

Reply Chahrazad on 17 December 2013:

I am seeing lots and lots of beautiful products.


Gravatar Istvanffy Emma

Reply Istvanffy Emma on 17 December 2013:

such a lovely post! love your pillow:))
Emma xx

Gravatar Оксана Золотухина

Reply Оксана Золотухина on 17 December 2013:

Wow! Great products! Thanks for sharing)))

Gravatar sandy sandhu

Reply sandy sandhu on 17 December 2013:

Thanks for the comment
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Gravatar Monica P

Reply Monica P on 18 December 2013:

Interesting post! So cool to see other types of cosmetic brands in other countries.


Gravatar Kiwi Fashion Blog

Reply Kiwi Fashion Blog on 18 December 2013:

Thanks for sharing your beauty secret!! I also use L'Occitane lip balm as well! Love their products!

Gravatar saralookbook*

Reply saralookbook* on 18 December 2013:

I'd like to try kielhs brand !

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 18 December 2013:

Jouw kamer ziet er echt top uit, zo leuk. Jouw producten wil ik zeker eens proberen .

Gravatar Bárbara Eirís

Reply Bárbara Eirís on 18 December 2013:

wow!! you have a huge collection of cosmetics at home!! I envy you!haha!!
love, Bárbara

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 18 December 2013:

Prachtige producten heb je daar. Rituals is altijd leuk om te krijgen. Mijn favorite geur was de sinaasappel (de oranje) maar ik vind ze niet meer :( Die nieuwe gele, Occitane is heerlijk geurend en zo fris en aangenaam op de huid. Kiehl's: I just love it! Dit product werkt echt!! Jimmy Choo ♡♡♡ héérlijk ruikend! Qiriness masker heb ik al uitgeprobeerd: zéér goed! Filorga: uitstekende producten èn Chanel, YSL, Mac ♡♡♡ Sper post van allemaal excellente kwaliteit!

Gravatar Dania Carbonini

Reply Dania Carbonini on 18 December 2013:

Hi's not diffucult for you to speak about beauty.. ;-)
These products are fantastic, Chenel is my favorite brand.



Gravatar Bárbara Marques

Reply Bárbara Marques on 18 December 2013:

Such a cute space :)
Loved the post. You got me curious abou the Jimmy Choo perfume!

Gravatar Carina

Reply Carina on 18 December 2013:

I'm definitely going to try the 'Hope in a jar' products from Philosophy, they look amazing! Loev the vanity table by the way! x

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 18 December 2013:

Wat een schattige kamer meid!!! Wil ik ook hoor :d Dikke kus van jouw bestie ;) love!!

Gravatar Maripiliyrebeca Cortés Romeo

Reply Maripiliyrebeca Cortés Romeo on 18 December 2013:

Me ha encantado tu tocador, me he enamorado!!! Todos los productos que tienes son maravillosos.

Gravatar stylishvue

Reply stylishvue on 18 December 2013:

Ohhhh your makeup table is amazing! I love it.
Laura. xx

Gravatar Kathleen Harper

Reply Kathleen Harper on 19 December 2013:

Beautiful! I'm obsessed with makeup and I love your tips :)

Gravatar libys11

Reply libys11 on 19 December 2013:
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