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Nowadays your maxi lace dress is not only for a red carpet moment but also the perfect everyday look. Especially if it was an expensive one ;) So, when I bought this dress I knew it was a good investment. I combined it with some biker boots & -jacket to give that extra edgy touch. The whole look turned out to be quite cool, don't you think so?

Actuellement la longue robe en dentelle n'est plus seulement une tenue pour le tapis rouge, mais aussi le look parfait pour tous les jours. Surtout si elle étais couteuse ;) Quand j'ai acheté cette robe je savais que c'était un bon investissement. Je l'ai combinée avec des bottines et un perfecto en cuir pour donner cette touche edgy. Je trouve le résulat plutôt sympa? Qu'en dites vous?

Orami gli abiti lunghi in pizzo non sono solo da "tappeto rosso", ma si possono indossare sempre. Soprattutto quelli più costosi! Quindi comprare questo vestito è stato un ottimo investimento. Oggi l'ho abbinato a questi biker e a questa giacca per avere un tocco più audace. Il risultato non è niente male, vero?



Dress: GUESS here - Jacket, boots: ZARA - Bag: CHANEL - Hat: SUPERTRASH - Bracelet: BALENCIAGA - Sunglasses: PRADA.



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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 12 October 2015:

Prachtig, beautiful, magnifique ????❤


Reply 12 October 2015:

Really love it babe!!!! Beautiful look.


Gravatar Anne R

Reply Anne R on 12 October 2015:

Dat kleed is echt heel mooi Lima.
Heel wijs dat je het op twee manieren kunt dragen waaw :D

Gravatar Marlies

Reply Marlies on 15 October 2015:

De combinatie is echt leuk Lima! Perfecte combi tussen vrouwelijk en stoer :) Love it!

Gravatar Harriet

Reply Harriet on 30 October 2015:

Love the leather jacket! so sexy!


Reply 30 October 2015:

OMG! I want this dress for my b-day! U really look amazing :)

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