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I've always been a huge fan of animal prints. Adding a touch of leo or cheetah is my favourite way to spice up an outfit. As I said before, the key to wear leopard is to incorporate only one piece per ensemble. I mean, it needs to be done tastefully and not overdone. ;) I purchased this lovely GUESS dress the other day. It caught my eyes the moment I entered the store. It's the perfect on-the-go dress for fall; comfy and bold! Thank you so much for dropping by and reading <3

J'ai toujours été une grande fan d'imprimé léopard. Ajoutez une touche de léo ou guépard est ma façon préférée de pimenter une tenue. La clé pour porter du léopard est d'intégrer une seule pièce par ensemble pour que cela reste classe. J'ai trouvé cette jolie petite robe chez GUESS. Elle est parfaite pour l'automne; confortable et audacieuse. :D Merci beaucoup d'être passé et pour la lecture <3

Le fantasie animalier mi sono sempre piaciute, perché danno un tocco grintoso a qualsiasi outfit. Come vi ho già spiegato, il segreto per portare al meglio una stampa leopardata, è di indossarne un solo capo/accessorio per volta. Parola d'ordine: non esagerare! L'altro giorno ho comprato questo meraviglioso abitino di GUESS, che mi ha colpito nell'attimo esatto in cui l'ho visto al negozio. E' il vestito perfetto per l'autunno, perché è comodo e divertente. Buona giornata a tutte voi e grazie ancora per continuare a seguirmi!


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Dress: GUESS - Jacket: ZARA - Boots: LA POMME DE LOVELEY - Sunglasses: PRADA - Bag: DELVAUX - Bracelet: BALENCIAGA.


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Gravatar SJ

Reply SJ on 05 October 2015:

Beautiful!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 05 October 2015:

Prachtig! J'adoooooore la robe, le sac ????????????????, la veste, les lunettes, les bottes. Bref... Tout!!! ????

Gravatar bambam

Reply bambam on 05 October 2015:

I love your looks, just love your originality, as I strive to be different all the time xxx

BamBam Blog


Gravatar Rebecca

Reply Rebecca on 07 October 2015:

I love that animal print dress! I completely agree with one one piece per outfit,. You look fantastic! Those boots, bag and jacket complete the look perfectly!


Gravatar The Fashion Panda

Reply The Fashion Panda on 08 October 2015:

Gravatar Eni

Reply Eni on 10 October 2015:

Gravatar Fashionandcash

Reply Fashionandcash on 10 October 2015:

I like this outfit very much.

Gravatar Susanne - Bag at you

Reply Susanne - Bag at you on 13 October 2015:

Whooooaaa!! Love everything about your outfit! It is elegant, sexy, sophisticated, easy to wear and very unique! Xx Susanne - bagaholic from Amsterdam (


Reply 30 October 2015:

Stunning pattern.. this dress is so cool! great choise Lima :)

Gravatar Lima&#8217;s Wardrobe &#8211; Red Leo | Famous Leather

Reply Lima&#8217;s Wardrobe &#8211; Red Leo | Famous Leather on 30 December 2015:

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