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Hi Guys! Yesterday I was wearing this lovely sequin short mixed up with an oversized li

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Hi Guys! Yesterday I was wearing this lovely sequin short mixed up with an oversized linen shirt and cobalt blue blazer. Those items are from a beautiful shop that I discovered recently, "Stylesuite" in Maastricht. They have such an amazing collection! I would definitely take a look at their boutique; I love this short from 'Filles A Papa' because it adds a pinch of glam to any ensemble. Wear it with a pair of cute sandals or killer heels and you'll be ready to rock this sparkly summer! I hope you like the outfit and have an amazing day!
Dag Ladies! Gisteren droeg ik dit leuke sequin shortje van het merk 'Filles a papa'. Ik combineerde dit met een linnen oversized topje en een kobaltblauwe blazer. De hele outfit kan je verkrijgen bij "Stylesuite" in Maastricht. Ze verkopen er echt alleen maar trendy topmerken! Ga zeker eens een kijkje nemen op hun website:
Shirt, blazer, short: STYLESUITE - Shoes: ZARA - Sunglasses: ZALANDO - Bag: STELLA MCCARTNEY - Bracelet: BALENCIAGA - Ring: YSL.
I always have a scarf with me, wherever I go. (The weather in Belgium is never certain.) I believe that a scarf is an accessory that makes your outfit complete. Nowadays you can find them in all colors and styles. The one I'm wearing is from "Percy Stone", a Belgium brand. If you still need a trendy scarf this season, have a look at

Thank you so much for passing by, for reading and for all the lovely comments I received on my previous posts! It really means a lot to me <3
Love, Lima xoxo


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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar Anonymous

ReplyAnonymous on 09 July 2013:

Fantastisch, geweldig, magnifiek, oogverblindend, schitterend, splendide, subliem, superbe, verrukkelijk, voortreffelijk, wondermooi, prachtig, uitmuntend, uitstekend...

Gravatar Anonymous

ReplyAnonymous on 09 July 2013:

Ach, heb m'n naam vergeten erbij te schrijven. Groetjes van Jill. Voortreffelijk gedaan meid!

Gravatar Neshel G

ReplyNeshel G on 09 July 2013:

Hun, those shorts make your legs look amazingly long! And I love the sequins...they can be dressed up or down. Those shoes are amazing as is that purse. I love everything Stella. Beautiful babe!

Wardrobe on Wheels

Gravatar Inge Van Israël

ReplyInge Van Israël on 09 July 2013:

Super leuk shortje! :D

Gravatar Laura Verzeletti

ReplyLaura Verzeletti on 09 July 2013:


New post:

Gravatar Nathalie VandenBerg

ReplyNathalie VandenBerg on 09 July 2013:

je ziet er weer super uit lieverd!

Gravatar Coline Chavaroche

ReplyColine Chavaroche on 09 July 2013:

i love the short and bag!


Coline ♡

Gravatar Denisa

ReplyDenisa on 09 July 2013:

Amaaazing shorts. Have a great day.

Gravatar Kiwi Fashion Blog

ReplyKiwi Fashion Blog on 09 July 2013:

Amazing look I love those sequin shorts! I'm so envious of your über long and lean legs <3

Gravatar stylishvue

Replystylishvue on 09 July 2013:

I'm loving shorts at the moment, these sequin one's are adorable and I love the bag too!

Gravatar Ary Fang Gutz

ReplyAry Fang Gutz on 09 July 2013:

I love styling; the shorts are awesome.
Un besazoOo!

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 09 July 2013:

Aww thank you so much ladies!!! This is really so sweet! Your comments always make me smile :) Thank you for that!! Big hugs to you all xxx

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 09 July 2013:

@Jill, bedankt lieverd voor dit mooie en aagrijpende berichtje! Dit was pas echt een mooie verassing en denk ik ook 1 van mijn mooiste commentaars ooit!!! Super fijn om dit te lezen! Dikke kus, Lima xoxo

Gravatar missy loop

Replymissy loop on 09 July 2013:

Love your look
Love your heels!!!

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 09 July 2013:

Thank you so much @missyloop! You are so sweet!! Love, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Bárbara Marques

ReplyBárbara Marques on 10 July 2013:

Those shorts are simply fantastic :)
I think I'll give stylesuite a look!

Gravatar Monica P

ReplyMonica P on 10 July 2013:

Those shorts are pretty cool .. what a great way to wear sequins casually.

The shoes - to die for !!


Gravatar Charlyka

ReplyCharlyka on 10 July 2013:

Perfect pictures and perfect outfit. I love it :).

Greets Charlotte from Important Part

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 10 July 2013:

Thank you ladies!!! Have a nice day, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Le monde des petites

ReplyLe monde des petites on 10 July 2013:

Lov your shorts!!!
Your outfit is gorgeous!!!

Julie and Mél from Le monde des petites

Gravatar Anna Gorina

ReplyAnna Gorina on 10 July 2013:

Great outfit, Lima! I love your shorts!

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 10 July 2013:

Thank you so much ladies! I guess we all love sparkly ;) hihiih, Kisses from Belgium, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Caroline Topperman

ReplyCaroline Topperman on 10 July 2013:

I love sequined shorts and I love how you paired them with a simple tee and fabulous heels!

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 10 July 2013:

Hi Caroline, Thank you for your reaction. I really appreciate it. Love, Lima xoxo

Gravatar worryaboutitlater bianca

Replyworryaboutitlater bianca on 10 July 2013:

such a great outfit!!

love the shorts and the baaaaag


Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 10 July 2013:

Thank you Bianca ;) Sweet dreams to you <3

Gravatar KT of

ReplyKT of on 11 July 2013:

I love those shoes!! Can you let me know if they are recent?

Gravatar JOICE J

ReplyJOICE J on 11 July 2013:

Hi dear, you have a lovely blog and great post thou! did we follow each other already? if not, would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back! xoxo

My Bloglovin:

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 11 July 2013:

@KT, the shoes are recent, they are from the new collection from Zara ;) But I think you have to be fast if you want them!Big love, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 11 July 2013:

Hi Joice, I will check it and let you know. Thank you for the positive vibes! Love, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Il Tulipano Giallo by B.

ReplyIl Tulipano Giallo by B. on 11 July 2013:

gorgeous shorts! thank you for following me, I am your new follower on Bloglovin too! :) I also followed you on Facebook (name: Barbora Duskova) hope you will follow me too, link is on my blog :) B.

Gravatar Sarah Lewis

ReplySarah Lewis on 12 July 2013:

wow, love your outfit, you have such an amazing style!!

Lovely blog, Glad I found it, hope you can stop by mine sometime and tell me what you think :)

On the Bright Style

Gravatar mademoiselle mode

Replymademoiselle mode on 12 July 2013:

I m in love with your shorts sweety ^^
Perfect look

New post - Kisses

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 12 July 2013:

Thank you pretty ladies! Enjoy your weekend. Love, Lima xoxo

Gravatar paula mcclelland

Replypaula mcclelland on 13 July 2013:

Lovin the sequin shorts!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Gravatar Ivana

ReplyIvana on 13 July 2013:

Such a great styling, lovely outfit!


Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 13 July 2013:

So sweet of you all! Thank you for the positive vibes! Lima xoxo

Gravatar Anonymous

ReplyAnonymous on 13 July 2013:

Wat een leuke blog en stijl heb jij! Ik heb je op instagram ontdekt. Zo jong en al zo veel talent. Je bent geweldig! Ik wou dat ik dit ook kon :) Groetjes van Lena x

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 13 July 2013:

Dank je wel Lena. Dit is een heel lieve reactie van jou! Héél fijn om te lezen, dank je! Geniet nog van je weekend. Dikke kus, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 14 July 2013:

@Neshel, Hi sweety, I'm glad you like it that much :) It's always a pleasure to read your comments. Thank you so much! Love, Lima xoxo

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Gravatar Amanda

ReplyAmanda on 23 March 2018:

Nice styles! I love to wear sequin shorts. These are my favorite outfits. Thanks for sharing.

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