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Ladies, it's time to flourish your wardrobe with some popping colors! 'Floral Pants' are

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Ladies, it's time to flourish your wardrobe with some popping colors! 'Floral Pants' are all the rage and I was immediately drawn to this pair from Zara. The color and pattern of these pants are simply beautiful and reminds me of Japan. I think 'floral pants' are amazing because they are completely multi-functional! Wear the floral trousers with a pair of cute sandals in the day or sexy heels for the night. Add a simple tank, blazer or denim style jacket and you'll be ready to rock a chic summer outfit! Isn't that what Spring is all about? Flowers, colors and a happy mood. ;)
This beautiful necklace made of Japanese fabrics is from a Belgium designer called "ENO CREATION". Have a look at her collection, it's so lovely!


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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Facebook Comments

Gravatar Su nd Chris

Reply Su nd Chris on 26 June 2013:

Totally love this outfit, your sunnies are so cool!

xx Su

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 26 June 2013:

Gewoon PRACHTIG! Ik kan niets anders zeggen! GREAT!

Gravatar Inge Van Israël

Reply Inge Van Israël on 26 June 2013:

Super leuke broek! :D

Gravatar Denisa

Reply Denisa on 26 June 2013:

Really amaaaazing aoutfit and pants.

Gravatar Kerrin Chance

Reply Kerrin Chance on 26 June 2013:


xoxo kerri

Gravatar Luba Dimitrova

Reply Luba Dimitrova on 26 June 2013:

YOu pants are so fun !

XX Luba

See my summery look today on

Gravatar Monica P

Reply Monica P on 26 June 2013:

An exciting look! I love those floral pants !!


Gravatar blackberryfashion

Reply blackberryfashion on 26 June 2013:

Gravatar Bárbara Marques

Reply Bárbara Marques on 26 June 2013:

Very cute outfit!
I love the kind of top you're wearing :)

Gravatar Secondskin

Reply Secondskin on 26 June 2013:

Really love this outfit! Nice trousers!! xoxo

Gravatar Lovely Cherry Cheeks

Reply Lovely Cherry Cheeks on 26 June 2013:

Great pants!

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 26 June 2013:

Thank you so much girls!!!! Have a nice day ladies <3 Lima xoxo

Gravatar Louise Elisabeth

Reply Louise Elisabeth on 26 June 2013:

Such a stunning look! Your trousers fit like a glove!


Gravatar stylishvue

Reply stylishvue on 26 June 2013:

Hey Lima, I love this latest look. It's so Summery. The accessories are great, love these bracelets and the sunglasses. Have a great week!
Laura. xx

Gravatar Paulina Maria

Reply Paulina Maria on 26 June 2013:

Gravatar i.s.

Reply i.s. on 26 June 2013:

love love love those pants! you look stellar x

Gravatar Nathalie VandenBerg

Reply Nathalie VandenBerg on 26 June 2013:

Prachtig! <3

Gravatar Coline Chavaroche

Reply Coline Chavaroche on 26 June 2013:

i adore your bags and top !
the pants is nice too but not my favorite :s


Coline ♡

Gravatar Kiwi Fashion Blog

Reply Kiwi Fashion Blog on 27 June 2013:

You are such a beautiful girl! You have an impeccable style and I love all of your accessories!

Gravatar Kathleen Harper

Reply Kathleen Harper on 27 June 2013:

You look so fierce! I love these printed pants! Such a fabulous outfit. Great styling job

Gravatar Dominika Mrázová

Reply Dominika Mrázová on 27 June 2013:

love your pants!!:)

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 27 June 2013:

Thank you girls!!!! I really appreciate every comment! Have a wonderful day, Lima xoxo

Gravatar missy loop

Reply missy loop on 27 June 2013:

Hi! thanks for your comment on my blog! I like your style very much. I follow you now on bloglovin. Follow me! kisses!!

Gravatar Tijana Momcilovic

Reply Tijana Momcilovic on 27 June 2013:

I follow you:)

Gravatar Mariah Serrano

Reply Mariah Serrano on 27 June 2013:

love this look! you rock printed pants and glasses

Gravatar Jenychooz

Reply Jenychooz on 27 June 2013:

Great look ! I love this pants, i want the same !!!!
Kiss Jeny

Gravatar Pearl in fashion

Reply Pearl in fashion on 27 June 2013:

Wow! Beautiful photos!
I like your blog a lot, would you like to check mine? Maybe we can follow each other? Let me know, I always follow back!

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 27 June 2013:

Hi Ladies, thank you! I'll visit your blogs and follow you all back ;) Sweet Dreams to you all, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Cake Couture

Reply Cake Couture on 28 June 2013:

Does Zara still have those shoes?! I absolutely love them! I haven't seem them on their site lately.

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 28 June 2013:

@Cakecouture, Hi sweety, everything is from the New Collection, only those heels are from last year :s Sorry babe!! Kisses from Belgium, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Mela D.

Reply Mela D. on 28 June 2013:

Such a pretty look dear! The pants are amazing indeed and you look absolutely stunning. :)
Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!

xx, Mela

Gravatar KC

Reply KC on 28 June 2013:

Nice outfit, love the combination of your black top and floral pants.

Following you now on bloglovin.
Thanks dear. ♥

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 28 June 2013:

Hi girls, I'll follow you all with pleasure! Keep in touch, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Isa

Reply Isa on 28 June 2013:

Hello from germany :) would you follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? if you like you can start and i'll follow you back waiting for your response <3

Please like me on facebook
My Blog

Gravatar Candida Maceo

Reply Candida Maceo on 29 June 2013:

Oh my gosh - gorgeous girl! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Following you on Bloglovin now.
I adore your printed pants. And that ring is fabulous!
Perfect outfit. :)

Merch Maven

Gravatar Le monde des petites

Reply Le monde des petites on 30 June 2013:

Very nice outfit! Lov' your top, bag and the colors of your pants!!!
Jul, from Le monde des petites

Gravatar Vika

Reply Vika on 30 June 2013:

Following you too!

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 01 July 2013:

Hi Girls, Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'll try to answer you all this week one by one ;) Have a nice day, Love, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Sofie Han

Reply Sofie Han on 01 July 2013:

Gravatar The blog from Tijana :

Reply The blog from Tijana : on 01 July 2013:

Beautiful as always!!! <3

Gravatar missy loop

Reply missy loop on 01 July 2013:

Thank you very much for your comment on my blog. Your look is gorgeous. I already follow you, hope you back. Kisses!

Gravatar Le monde des petites

Reply Le monde des petites on 01 July 2013:

Thank you for your visit on our blog!!!
Thank you for following us!!! I'll also follow you on bloglovin' (my computer's connexion is slow tonight so maybe tomorrow or after tomorrow...)!!!
And completely agree with liking each other Facebook page, I have already liked yours this morning (throught the name Julie Lsi).

Jul, from le monde des petites

Gravatar Leonor

Reply Leonor on 01 July 2013:

loooove your pants and heels! :) absolutely amazing pictures!:)I have a new post and I would love to hear your opinion on it!


Gravatar Pearl in fashion

Reply Pearl in fashion on 01 July 2013:

Following you now alos on bloglovin' :)
Kisses from Austria!

Gravatar Umberto Sonia

Reply Umberto Sonia on 03 July 2013:

Love your outfit, you look fantastic!
I'm following u via bloglovin, hope u can follow back. THX XOXO

Moda della donna


Gravatar mademoiselle mode

Reply mademoiselle mode on 03 July 2013:

Your pants are just so crazy ^^
I love your sunnies too

New post - Kisses

Gravatar Ute

Reply Ute on 05 July 2013:


Your style is Fantastic

Gravatar s

Reply s on 05 July 2013:

Gravatar mademoiselle mode

Reply mademoiselle mode on 05 July 2013:

Have a nice weekend sweety :)

New post - Kisses

Gravatar ModaVracha

Reply ModaVracha on 06 July 2013:

Gravatar nicoleta buru

Reply nicoleta buru on 07 July 2013:

Love the look, my dear:)

Glaldy follow you via Facebook and Bloglovin. Feel free to do the same.

Have a wonderful Sunday,


Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 11 July 2013:

Thank you so much ladies!! Have a wonderful week <3 Love, Lima xoxo

Gravatar Kristine Oca

Reply Kristine Oca on 04 September 2013:

LOVE these pants!

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2320410556615283105 Image
2319158143648375057 Image
2317641567090705955 Image
2316217093816565148 Image
2314071515296870590 Image

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