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& Other Stories latest collaboration is with Ada Kokosar, a stylist who appears frequently in street style galleries. As a blogger I can guarantee you that her personal style is 'oh So Stylish'. Her co-lab collection is clean along with subtle and modern palettes of colors and textures that made layering easy and cool, creating an unconventional, personal and effortless look. Today I'm showing you a sculptural coat (here) detailed with a chic panel scarf attached to the shoulder. I combined it with my Delvaux bag and my new favorite platforms by Morobe Shoes (here). Make sure to have a look if you are looking for some stylish shoes at an affordable price. Bisous!

L'ultima a collaborare con & Other Stories è stata Ada Kokosar, stilista di origine italiana dallo stile inconfondibile. Da blogger ve lo garantisco io! La sua capsule collection è pulita, ed è caratterizzata da colori moderni e consistenze adatte a uno "stile a strati", permettendo di creare sovrapposizioni non convenzionali, originali e azzeccatissime. Oggi voglio mostrarvi un cappotto meraviglioso, quasi scultoreo, che ho abbinato a una sciarpa. Per completare l'outfit ho pensato di portate la mia borsa Delvaux e le mie zeppe preferite del momento, di Morobe Shoes. Non scordatevi di dare un'occhiata a questo sito, se siete alla ricerca di un paio di scarpe alla moda e dal prezzo contenuto. Bacioni a tutte!






Jacket: &OS - Shoes: MOROBE SHOES - Sunglasses: PRADA - Bag: DELVAUX - Pants: GUESS - Ring: SORU JEWELLERY.


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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar SJ

Reply SJ on 21 October 2015:

Top ????

Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 21 October 2015:

Prachtig!!! ❤❤❤

Gravatar Marijke

Reply Marijke on 21 October 2015:

Je ziet er beeldig uit meid. Wat een leuke look.
Stralend, ik ben fan! Ik kom trouwens zaterdag naar Karl in Brussel!
Kijk er al enorm naar uit :D


Reply 21 October 2015:

This is really high fashion, you are so good.
Pleasure cheking you out x


Reply 21 October 2015:

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Love all of it, it's fantastic!!


Gravatar Els Keuster

Reply Els Keuster on 21 October 2015:

Ik ben een enorme fan van dat jasje en de schoenen. Deze ga ik me zeker en vast ook aanschaffen. Bedankt voor de inspo ;)

Gravatar Oliver

Reply Oliver on 22 October 2015:

Such an amazing look!

Gravatar Jenny

Reply Jenny on 28 October 2015:
Drink the health food ,let our body more and more health ,i love myself

Gravatar Marguerite

Reply Marguerite on 28 October 2015:

I need let myself to be a best girl

Gravatar Denise

Reply Denise on 28 October 2015:

Everything can not be lazy ,no just for the job,can be for the work and for the ourselve ,i have determind ,let my become better ,i love you

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