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When I was young, I always wanted to become a florist. I dreamed of working with flowers every day.

My love for flowers and nature is easily explained; having a mother and father who love nature and plants, I grew up in a house and large garden filled of it. So nature is my second home. My parents taught me to respect it and passed their love for nature on to me. My biggest inspiration was Mark Colle. He showed me that being a florist is also a way of art.

To this day, I am still a nature person. I always have fresh flowers in the house. I love the smell, so that’s the second reason why I wanted to become a florist. That fresh floral scent makes me so happy that I just always want to have them around me.

My favourite flower is a rose and because of my white furniture at home I always want my flowers to be white or vieux rose. We all know by now what’s my favourite gift. ;)


From my kitchen I can look in my garden, so when I am doing the dishes – which nowadays does not happen very often, but when I do – I have this marvellous overview over my garden which is filled with hydrangea’s. I could stare at them for hours!

Hydrangea’s are my second favourite flowers. You will often see me using them in one of my beauty blogposts. They’re just so beautiful and elegant.


Flowers are one of the nicest gifts a woman can get. And speaking of gifts, I just bought some really nice flowers for my mom. Not for a special occasion, although I would also give her flowers for her birthday or another special occasion of course, but just because I know that I can please her with a simple bouquet. And if you can please your mom, you should always do that cuz mommy’s are the best!


Jeans: Guess - Coat: Twinset - Sweater: Uniqlo - Bag: Marie Martens - Shoes: Ugg

Pictures by Bram Laebens voor Belmodo.

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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar The Fashion Panda

Reply The Fashion Panda on 19 October 2015:

Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 19 October 2015:

Prachtige outfit en bloemen ???????????????????? Dat jasje en die UGG'S zijn geweldig!!! ❤

Gravatar Bennie

Reply Bennie on 20 October 2015:

Tutti stupendi!!!Be Happy with, Fashion.

Gravatar Bennie

Reply Bennie on 21 October 2015:

Your looks seriously are the best!

Gravatar Leona Muller

Reply Leona Muller on 21 October 2015:

fantastic!you looks amazing!

Gravatar Bryan

Reply Bryan on 22 October 2015:

Very nice pictures! Loving the coat

Gravatar Bennie

Reply Bennie on 23 October 2015:

Love this look. So comfy and beautiful. Kisses

Gravatar Gabriel

Reply Gabriel on 28 October 2015:

I love this jeans ,the color jeans is so nice

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