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'Sometimes a good lipstick doesn't need to be 'expensive'! As you can see I bought the lips

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'Sometimes a good lipstick doesn't need to be 'expensive'! As you can see I bought the lipstick Kate Moss for Rimmel in 5 different colors. Recently they used it on me for a fashionshoot and I realy liked the color and texture. In the shop I discovered the other 4 lipstick colors of the collection, they were magnificent! So here I am with 5 new trendy colors for less then 50 €! I also bought 2 glitter, 1 sparkle and 2 metal nail polishes :)
Parfois un bon rouge à lèvres n'a pas besoin d'être cher! Comme vous pouvez le voir, j'ai acheté le rouge à lèvres Kate Moss de la marque Rimmel dans 5 couleurs différentes. Récemment ils l’ont utilisé sur moi pendant une séance de photo et j'ai vraiment aimé la couleur et la texture. Au magasin j'ai découvert les 4 autres couleurs de la collection, elles étaient magnifiques! Me voici donc avec 5 nouvelles couleurs à la mode pour moins de 50 €! J'ai également acheté des vernis à ongles ; 2 aux paillettes, un aux étincelles et 2 de couleurs métalliques. Les voici !
Here you can see the 5 different tones.
1.Gold save the queen - 2.Ruby crush - 3.Sparkle top coat - 4.Royal blue - 5.Diamond dust.
This is a real must have if you are a nailpolish lover ;)
Did you already tried those lipsticks?
What's your experience?
Let me know ;)


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Gravatar Judith Huls

ReplyJudith Huls on 16 November 2012:

perfect colours of lipstick! XO

Gravatar Mery Arbi

ReplyMery Arbi on 16 November 2012:

the colors look really cool!!!

Gravatar Ag Fenwick

ReplyAg Fenwick on 17 November 2012:

Adorable pictures!
Of course we are now following you, maybe follow us back?! :)

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Gravatar EMA

ReplyEMA on 17 November 2012:

I have never tried them but I love the colors so I might now!


Gravatar My Scrambled Style

ReplyMy Scrambled Style on 17 November 2012:

Thanks for visiting my blog. Follow you now on Bloglovin' (no 106).

Happy weekend!


Gravatar Jessi

ReplyJessi on 18 November 2012:

I have one of these lipsticks! Its a beautiful deep red. Love it!

Gravatar Rebecca

ReplyRebecca on 18 November 2012:

Lovely products! I haven't tried that brand of lipstick before but the colors look fantastic!


Gravatar Daf Benosa

ReplyDaf Benosa on 18 November 2012:

Gravatar Bernadeth G.

ReplyBernadeth G. on 18 November 2012:

Love everything here!

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

Gravatar Margaret Cruzemark

ReplyMargaret Cruzemark on 18 November 2012:

Wow, i can see some great cosmetics in your bag. I love all the lipstic colors!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Gravatar Fashion En Vie

ReplyFashion En Vie on 19 November 2012:

I love the dark red lipstick and they stay on very good as well! :)

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 19 November 2012:

Yes they are really good! I really love the texture,colors and they are hydrating the lips at the same time.I'm a huge FAN :D and I would really advice them to everybody!


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