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posted 11 years ago, on

Last week I was invited to celebrate the opening of the new store 'Armani Junior'. It was a great evening! Children were playing with a magic mirror and they had so much fun. Meanwhile the parents were shopping for their kids and enjoying a tasty snack. The collection was beautiful and there was a really nice atmosphere. Candy, chocolate, sweet juices, marshmallows, balloons, music, clowns, happy kids, in one sentence...a real children's paradise! The Armani Junior collection offers great clothes for boys and girls, from newborn up to 16 years ;) Can't wait to have my own baby ;) !!!
La semaine dernière, j’ai été à l'ouverture du magasin 'Armani Junior'. Ce fût une belle soirée pleine de surprises, surtout pour les enfants. Il y avait beaucoup de bonnes choses à grignoter et un miroir magique pour les petits. La collection était véritablement magnifique! Voici quelques photos de cette superbe soirée. Un grand merci pour l'invitation!
You can visit the shop in Brussels, Waterloo Boulevard 26.
Lovely accessories for girls and boys ;)
The perfect gift for a newborn!
Ready for this winter ;)
Pastel fur coats for the little fashionista's!
Mmmm...of course I tasted them hahaha ;)
The little black dress for the little girls ;)
Dancing kids... OMG so cute ;)
My favorite baby :) Isn't she cute with her leopard shoes???
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Big Love

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Gravatar ChatterBlossom

Reply ChatterBlossom on 12 November 2012:

Oh my goodness! These are crazy adorable!
Thank you for visiting my blog today. ;-)
Your newest follower,

Gravatar Eider Urkijo

Reply Eider Urkijo on 12 November 2012:

My god... sooo cuteeee!!!!! kisses

Gravatar Luna de Santiago

Reply Luna de Santiago on 13 November 2012:

Wooo!! I love this post!!


Gravatar Vanessa

Reply Vanessa on 13 November 2012:

Oh my good!! So cute!! lovely baby! xo!

Gravatar Erin Edwards

Reply Erin Edwards on 13 November 2012:

So, so cute! Love this post and the baby is just beautiful! Thank you for your kind comment.

XX Erin

**only 3 more days to win a $25 American Express gift card!/ Now following!

Gravatar NewLife

Reply NewLife on 13 November 2012:

How cute are those teeny tiny leopard booties!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog & leaving a sweet comment. Following you back on Bloglovin :-)


Gravatar Minela

Reply Minela on 13 November 2012:

I love baby clothes, so cute. I also love babies, they are just SOSOSOS cute :) Great post

Gravatar SG *

Reply SG * on 13 November 2012:

i'm following on bloglovin i hope you the same kisses

Gravatar My Scrambled Style

Reply My Scrambled Style on 13 November 2012:

Gravatar Simona

Reply Simona on 13 November 2012:

Adorable photos, and wow, lucky kids!!!


Gravatar Marta Cristina

Reply Marta Cristina on 13 November 2012:

lovely children! baby clothes is sooooo cute! :)

Gravatar Nina Normalo

Reply Nina Normalo on 13 November 2012:

Gravatar Nina Normalo

Reply Nina Normalo on 13 November 2012:

sorry, can't find your gfc window (am I BLIND????)... so I follow via bloglovin

Gravatar blackberryfashion

Reply blackberryfashion on 14 November 2012:

Gravatar Tammy Lau

Reply Tammy Lau on 14 November 2012:

OMG..this is just so it:P

Gravatar Rebecca

Reply Rebecca on 14 November 2012:

Amazing kids collection! Fantastic and adorable!


Gravatar Jo

Reply Jo on 14 November 2012:

Too adorable, I love it :) Can't wait to see more, will follow you on bloglovin'!

Gravatar Grietje Vermoortele

Reply Grietje Vermoortele on 14 November 2012:

Super Cute!!!
Die mini uggs en ballerina's.. Oh my!
Yhx voor je visit en Bloglovin', volg je nu ook hoor meid! :)
Press days vandaag en/of morgen? See you then maybe!


Gravatar Hair Extensions Australia

Reply Hair Extensions Australia on 14 November 2012:

Gravatar Fashion-Bridge

Reply Fashion-Bridge on 14 November 2012:

How cute is all that baby stuff! I even didn't know that there is the whole other world of incredibly beautiful baby clothes. Love the post!



Gravatar Miss Coco

Reply Miss Coco on 14 November 2012:

Waooo I want it all, is so cute!!

Gravatar stylewithoutstyle

Reply stylewithoutstyle on 14 November 2012:

All looks so cute and I love the shop, looks amazing! :)

Gravatar Alba

Reply Alba on 16 November 2012:

This is sooooo sweet :)

Gravatar Margaret Cruzemark

Reply Margaret Cruzemark on 16 November 2012:

I really like Armani's lines and once again he did something amazing for bambini!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 18 November 2012:

Thank you very much girls!Yes it's really amazing for children!!!I really can't wait to buy come clothes for my baby ;) Thanks again for dropping by!!!!Big love to you all x

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