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posted 9 years ago, on

haar ok derde

Hi Lovies! Hope you all had a great weekend. Today I'm showing you my new PULL&BEAR sweater with a drawing by pop illustrator Keith Haring for Valentine. Being a huge admirer of Keith's work I felt straight in love with this unique piece. Also the price of €22,95 was amazing! ;) So grab yours! Wishing you all a beautiful day and don't forget to share the love <3 Lima xoxo

Bonjour les filles! J'éspère que vous avez toutes passé un excellent week-end. Aujourd'hui je vous montre mon nouveau sweat-shirt PULL&BEAR avec une image de l'illustrateur Keith Haring pour la Saint Valentin. Etant une grande admiratrice du travail de Keith je devais m'offrir un exemplaire. Aussi, le prix de €22,95 était super sympa, n'est pas! ;) Alors grouillez-vous! Je vous souhaite une belle journée et vous dis à très bientôt.

Ciao ragazze! Spero che abbiate passato un bel week end. Guardate che bella la maglia per San Valentino di PULL&BEAR con un disegno di Keith Haring. Essendo uno dei miei artisti preferiti, mi sono subito innamorata di questo capo unico. E poi anche il prezzo è interessantissimo: qui in Belgio costa 22,95 €. Quindi approfittiamone! Vi auguro una meravigliosa giornata. Love! Lima


haaae in orde drie

Sweater, skirt: PULL&BEAR - Boots: LA POMME DE LOVELEY - Bag: CHANEL - Sunglasses: PRADA - Cardigan: HOTEL PARTICULIER - Rings: MAY MOMA.


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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 02 February 2015:

Awesome outfit! I just love it! Gorgeous! You're so beautiful! <3

Gravatar Alba

Reply Alba on 02 February 2015:

Love the sweater! much!!! ^^

Gravatar Marianne Steenarts

Reply Marianne Steenarts on 03 February 2015:

Die sweater is ect de Max. Deze wil ik ook zeker en vast.
Super post meid. Liefs, Marianne


Reply 03 February 2015:

You rock this Valentine sweater. Super look x

Gravatar Jeanne

Reply Jeanne on 03 February 2015:

I love every detail of your look Lima! From the sunnies to the bag and otk boots, everything is perfect!

Gravatar Rebecca

Reply Rebecca on 03 February 2015:

How fabulous is this outfit! I am so loving your over the knee boots and that vest is just the perfect layering piece!


Gravatar Maggie Dallospedale

Reply Maggie Dallospedale on 03 February 2015:

Gravatar Dania

Reply Dania on 03 February 2015:

You look great darling, amazing over the knee boots!


Gravatar jonathan

Reply jonathan on 03 February 2015:

Hi lima!! this look is amazing!! you look so stylish..
loving the location too :-) middelheim ?

Ooh I got a brand new editorial on Le Blog : ' Jon for G-STAR RAW '
Greets Jon

Gravatar Helen Chik

Reply Helen Chik on 03 February 2015:

This look is so chic hun! Absolutely love those sunglasses they are perfect on you!

Helen xx

Gravatar alice

Reply alice on 04 February 2015:

Gravatar Michael Macalos

Reply Michael Macalos on 04 February 2015:

So happy to be updated with your posts dear!! You never failed to surprise and inspire me with your creativity and taste ♥ ♥

New fun post on the blog sweetie!

Gravatar S

Reply S on 04 February 2015:

Fighissimo questo look, stai davvero bene!
tropo carina quella felpa! :D

Gravatar Paola Buonacara

Reply Paola Buonacara on 04 February 2015:

Gravatar a possible fantasy

Reply a possible fantasy on 05 February 2015:

Gravatar Jo-Lynn meets Justeve - | (personal) Stylist

Reply Jo-Lynn meets Justeve - | (personal) Stylist on 24 February 2015:

[…] en zo model voor het label te worden.  Voormalig gezicht van Justeve was trouwens de prachtige Lima Ché.  Als grote fan van dit merk reed ik richting Brussel voor de casting en tot mijn groot geluk werd […]

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