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Hi pretty ladies! It’s time again to share a beauty post with you. You all know I’m always looking for new and better cosmetics. I believe that being selective in our beauty products is already a step closer to a better and healthier skin. So here they are, my favorites of the moment;


Eau De Mâtines by Le Couvent des Minimes is a crisp, fresh body splash that should be applied as an Eau de Toilette or to refresh throughout the day. Spray onto your body immediately after a shower or bath or as a fragrance at any time of the day and you're ready to go.

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser is an award-winning cleanser that melts away dirt, oil and makeup. It also tones, lightly hydrates and leaves the skin perfectly clean and comfortably balanced.


One of my favourite new products that I have been using is the Human+Kind All-In-One Wash Off Facial Cleanser. I have a quite sensitive skin that can be blemish prone so I am always wary when trying out new products. I must admit that I was immediately sold when I saw the packaging. It is so unique and eye-catching in it’s polygon shaped box. The tube itself is also beautifully decorated but of course it's the product that counts… If you have a sensitive skin then this is a brilliant item. It's hypo allergenic and dermatologically tested, contains no chemicals, colourants, parabens or perfume. It also has no animal testing on product and ingredients which is fantastic. Last but not least; it has a creamy, rich and moisturising texture.

Le Qiriness Body Wrap Hydra-Fraicheur is paraben-free and hypoallergenic which is always a bonus. It’s a gel with a hint of pink, is really moisturising without being heavy or sticky. Because of its citrus scent it’s very uplifting and it lingers on your skin. Amazing!

Filorga Anti-ageing micellar solution is suitable for all skin types. It hydrates, it removes bacteria, soothes and calms. I love to use this one in the morning as a wake-up call. My skin feels fresh and ready for the day.

I love the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating treatment. I apply this before bed and when I wake up the next morning, I still can't believe how much softer my skin is. It is firm, plump and looks ten times better than it did the night before. This is a real must for the cold days.

The last mask I tried is the Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment. I love this mask for it’s exfoliating and cleansing properties and the tropical smell. This is a gentler mask than the mud mask, so if you have a sensitive skin, I’d give this one a first try. It does a great job of clearing the skin of any impurities and giving it a nice glow afterward.


This is what Philosophy is calling an age-resetting, anti-wrinkle overnight moisturiser and I have been using it two weeks now and I really like it. It has the most gorgeously luxurious texture, super comfortable on the skin and I have been waking up with a very smooth and hydrated complexion. I couldn’t ask for more at this stage.

Brand new is the Philosophy Time in Bottle age-defying eye serum, a wakeup call for the eyes. I am really impressed so far. It’s super light and fluid and has an instant tightening and brightening effect. It really feels like it wakes up my eyes. They are refreshed and more open which is just what I need. Like usual, Philosophy did a great job. ;)


In this gloomy weather we’ve got, I thought it would be nice to brighten things up with some colors and sparkles. There’s no easier way then with nail polish. Ciaté never disappointed me. Every new collection is always a stunner!


ICI PARIS XL’s new nail polish line ONLY YOU is also great. The first thing that struck me was how good the brushes are. They are tapered, wide, and very easy to control. I definitely prefer them to many other nail polishes I have. I opted for 3 colors easy to wear every day.


The Tropika Skincare range consists of four products: the restorative night - and day cream, body lotion and cleansing milk. I had the pleasure to test these products in the past weeks.

The Day Cream contains avocado oil and moisturises perfectly without being greasy. I use this before applying my foundation for a smooth finish. The Repairing night cream nourishes and restores the skin while you sleep. The main ingredient, baobab oil, contains omega 3 and 6 that helps to repair and regenerate the skin.

The Body Lotion contains avocado oil, which hydrates and nourishes the skin from within. It’s a light formula that absorbs quickly, leaves you with a soft, supple and healthy skin. Apply the Cleansing Lotion on your face, massage it and gently wipe the lotion off. Your skin is clean and perfectly hydrated.


Nuxellence ECLAT and DETOX by Nuxe are one of my favourite facial creams. Use the Eclat for the day and the Detox at night. Since I'm using these my skin looks more radiant, healthier and younger.

BIO Beaute by NUXE Vitamin-Rich Detox Mask is an orange water mask that helps to detoxify all skin types and instantly enhance effulgence. It’s formulated with Myrtle Leaf Extract to help detoxify, with Orange, Lemon and Mandarin Essential Oils to help clarify. It features an innovated formula that combines Organic Sesame Oil and Sugar Esters to give it an active texture that goes through 3 stages; starts off as a gel, turns into an oil and finishes with a milky texture. A real pleasure!

L'Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe is a multipurpose dry oil. It can be used for face, body and hair as the silicone-free dry oil texture leaves no greasy afterfeel on the skin. This one is always in my bag, it's a real musthave!

Turbo Draine by Forté Pharma helps to burn, drain and purify your body. It has a delicious raspberry taste. I like to do this 4 times a year, kinda detox. ;)

Usually spray tans are a complete disaster for me. I end up with patches, brown soles and a brown bathroom. But this Bioderma Photoderm Autobronzant Moisturising Tanning Spray is different! It can be used in any direction so literally no spot will go untanned. It delivers a really lovely, natural looking tan. It’s also really moisturising which is pretty incredible for such a light, traceless spray. You will love this one!

Bioderma Sensibio H2O is a gentle skin cleanser designed for sensitive, normal to dry skin. I use this one for my eyes for more then 5 years. It's the only make-up remover that removes all and doesn't sting.


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Gravatar Natasja

Reply Natasja on 28 January 2015:

That's a big list of favorites! I love seeing products in here that I haven't tried yet :D I'm curious about many now.. but I am loving the Bioderma Sensibio H2O too! it's really great for a sensitive skin like mine :) those BE nail polishes look great too.. haven't tried one yet, so who knows! I really want to try L’Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe too :D ... there's just so much stuff haha.

Gravatar Leila

Reply Leila on 28 January 2015:

Oh ! wat een mooie voorstelling van de producten en heel goed uitgelegd schat! Ik ben echt benieuwd naar enkele producten: zoals die van Nuxe!

X keep up the good work! :-*

Gravatar Suzy Crow

Reply Suzy Crow on 28 January 2015:

That's a very nice post. I love to read your beauty routine trick's.
Thanks for sharing this with us. I can't wait to try some out. C


Reply 28 January 2015:

Supaaaaaaah post! Love your beauty favorites! Nat x

Gravatar Beauty Doll

Reply Beauty Doll on 28 January 2015:

Zo'n leuke blogpost! Nu heb ik 'kennis' kunnen maken met merken waar ik nog nooit van gehoord had.

Bedankt voor de tips.


Gravatar The Fashion Panda

Reply The Fashion Panda on 31 January 2015:


Reply 01 February 2015:

Oh such à great post. Love the Nuxe and Ciaté ones.

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 05 February 2015:

Ik hou ontzettend van de Qiriness-producten. Die zijn gewoon top. Ik heb ze dankzij jou beautyposten aangekocht en kan ze iedereen aanraden. Must have! De Time-lijn van Philosophie wil ik ook uitproberen. Daar ben ik heel nieuwsgierig naar. Bedankt voor het delen! ☆☆☆☆☆

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