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Hello Sugarbirds! When we say bohemian, we think free-spirit, relaxed, chic and fun. That's what today's outfit is all about. Being natural with some splash of colors. Bohemian fashion is my kind of style and I really feel good when I'm dressed up in this look. The dress I'm wearing is from the amazing Miami brand called TAJ (here). To avoid the outfit being too plain I've incorporated my cyan embroidered clutch from MINA VATTER (here).
MINA VATTER stands for a range of accessories that combines high-quality products with fine materials. A collection with character which is simultaneously modern, wild, distinctive and elegant. For my Belgian readers you can find this collection in multiple stores; Due/Aalst - CosiCosi/Antwerpen - Diverso/Bree - Machteld/Loppem. Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a nice day and don't forget to spread the love! Lima xoxo
Dress: TAJ (here) - Clutch: MINA VATTER - Sunglasses: THE ROW - Heels: CARVELA By Zalando - Ring: YSL.

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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar elarmariodelanena

Reply elarmariodelanena on 26 March 2014:

what shoes! they´re awesome!!

Gravatar Paulina Sereda

Reply Paulina Sereda on 26 March 2014:

Gravatar MySecretFashionPoison

Reply MySecretFashionPoison on 26 March 2014:

Gravatar Lulu Monema

Reply Lulu Monema on 26 March 2014:

Stunning dress, love this stylish.
Thanks for your comment.
Come check my new post
See you soon.

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 26 March 2014:

amazing as always!

Gravatar Kiwi Fashion Blog

Reply Kiwi Fashion Blog on 26 March 2014:

Boho chic indeed! So chic and totally free spirited! Looks like you are ready to rock at a music festival :)

Gravatar Vicky Victoria

Reply Vicky Victoria on 26 March 2014:

hey hun!
I just found your blog!love your sense of style!
you have such an ispirational blog!
Hope to see you soon on my blog!

Keep in touch!

Gravatar DeaL

Reply DeaL on 26 March 2014: the dress,clutch,heels,hair..everything ;)

Gravatar The Fashion Panda

Reply The Fashion Panda on 26 March 2014:

Gravatar Kathleen Harper

Reply Kathleen Harper on 26 March 2014:

Gorgeous dress! You look like a Greek goddess and I love your clutch, the pop of blue is perfect!

Gravatar Chahrazad

Reply Chahrazad on 26 March 2014:

That dress looks soo good on you!!


Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 26 March 2014:

Heel mooi! Die blauwe clutch erbij is top! Prachtig!

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 26 March 2014:

Beautiful!!! Like always!!! Love it!!!

Gravatar stylishvue

Reply stylishvue on 26 March 2014:

This colour looks great on you and this hairstyle is amazing!
Laura. xx

Gravatar Karlien Vermeersch

Reply Karlien Vermeersch on 26 March 2014:

Hoe mooi is dit jurkje!
Echt een prachtige look, staat je zo goed :)


Gravatar Beauty Share It

Reply Beauty Share It on 26 March 2014:

lovely post!

Please check out our blog at

PS. you can also post your blog posts straight to our website to get FEATURED!

Gravatar i.s.

Reply i.s. on 27 March 2014:

absolutely gorgeous x

Gravatar Daniella C

Reply Daniella C on 27 March 2014:


Gravatar Nagham Cararah

Reply Nagham Cararah on 27 March 2014:

that dress is to die for!


Gravatar Lyn

Reply Lyn on 27 March 2014:

Hi babe, wat een prachtig kleedje! Ik hou echt wel van de bohemian stijl :)
Bedankt trouwens voor je reactie op m'n blog! Ik wil elkaar zeker en vast volgen via Facebook want ik volg jou al haha ;) je kan de link naar mijn Facebook pagina vinden op m'n blog!
xo Lyn

Gravatar Stella Scarlett Rose

Reply Stella Scarlett Rose on 27 March 2014:

Oh my. Gorgeous as ever. You're so beautiful!!!! Damn! I love your dress and the pictures! Let's follow each other finally on FB, honey!

✿ ✿

Gravatar Caroline Emily

Reply Caroline Emily on 27 March 2014:

Gravatar Nathalie VandenBerg

Reply Nathalie VandenBerg on 27 March 2014:


Gravatar eni k.

Reply eni k. on 27 March 2014:

You are amazing....Loving this dress!!!!
Kisses from Italy,

Gravatar Danielle

Reply Danielle on 27 March 2014:

Gravatar Bárbara Marques

Reply Bárbara Marques on 28 March 2014:

So beautiful and ethereal honey! Stunning!

Gravatar Marianna Papagiannopoulou

Reply Marianna Papagiannopoulou on 28 March 2014:

Your are so pretty!!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!!!
I hope you visit again soon.

I really like your blog too!

Gravatar Milu Sosa

Reply Milu Sosa on 28 March 2014:

Ok that dress is stunning and it goes so well with the clutch :)
Absolutely love your style!
Thanks for sharing


Gravatar Natasja

Reply Natasja on 29 March 2014:

omg. wow. Ik vind het echt allemaal geweldig. But I especially love your sunglasses.. but also your shoes.. that dress... the bags... your photos... the poses... euhm, I mentioned I love everything, right?!

Gravatar Michela de Filippo

Reply Michela de Filippo on 30 March 2014:

Love this dress! :)

Gravatar Bailey Hagen

Reply Bailey Hagen on 31 March 2014:

The dress is so beautiful and the clutch goes perfectly with it! The whole thing is the perfect mix of Boho and Glam!


Gravatar Maya Bogaert

Reply Maya Bogaert on 07 April 2014:

Supermooi!! Echt leuk dat kleedje en je haar ziet er zo tof uit :D

Gravatar Louisiana

Reply Louisiana on 23 February 2021:

I love this information you shared with us. I am waiting for your next post. Keep it up. What a great idea! thanks. :) Shop now at Boho Chic Clothing. You may also visit

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