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Hi Sweeties! A lot of you have been asking for a post about my favorite beauty pro

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Hi Sweeties! A lot of you have been asking for a post about my favorite beauty products. I’m a huge cosmetic junkie who loves to try out new products. My favorites are constantly changing, but below I’ve listed some of my current must haves:
Karl Lagerfeld for Her and for Him is our new fragrance. The first is mine and the black one is from my hubby! I really like the bottle. It’s big and luxuriously heavy in your hands yet styled in an understated, elegant way. The female scent is a light, fresh blend of lime, peach, magnolia, ‘metallic rose’, musk and frangipani on a bed of amber. A really nice sophisticated scent. I urge you to try it out. ;)
These ERBORIAN products are based on energizing herbs of the Korean pharmacopea.The beauty foam - mask - BB cream - cleanses in-depth, moisturizes, exfoliates mildly and refines the pores for a perfect skin definition. Since I've tried it, I can't live without. It's so gentle on my skin.
If you want to smell like you just walked through a field of flowers you need to purchase the Field of Flowers Gardenia Blossom by PHILOSOPHY. This perfume is ideal for everyday use thanks to its light and sparkling notes that creates a deep and lingering sensuality.
My favorite nail polish colors of the moment are DEBORAH LIPPMANN in Pink and BE from ICI PARIS XL in Blue. Both are bright matte colors.
POMELLATO Nudo; Three different scents, three beautiful bottles, all in a convenient format. The perfect size for my clutch. ;)
GIVENCHY mascara and eye shadow are my absolute favorite in terms of eye make up. I have quite short, straight lashes but this one gives them that wow effect that no other mascara can achieve! I love it!
Laboratoires FILORGA Hand-Filler is my absolute beauty must-have for the winter. Put on the gloves on clean hands. Let it stand for 30 minutes in total. Then pull the gloves off and place it in the supplied package. The result: silky hands!!
QIRINESS mon kit spa; a scrub, purifier and a mask. All you need for a relaxing moment at the spa. I go there every two months with my hubby. So relaxing. :p
The IOMA 2 eye cream, L'OCCITANE Red Cherry body cream and Jasmin lip balm are my absolute favourites! I use these products every day.
So, what are your favorite beauty products?! Let me know.
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Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 31 March 2014:

I only can agree with this post! I'm also a big fan if beauty products and I lo cc e variety and trying new ones. Currently I am fond of Qiriness: Le wrap d'énergie and Erbotian: herbal energy BB cleanser. I already tried several products of this brand and I can only sa y: delicious, they feel so great on the skin! I recommend them to everyone! Try it, you'll be satisfied!

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 31 March 2014:

Givenchy; the name speaks for itself: quality guaranteed! You should never be afraid to buy a pig in a poke. Recently I bought the Ombre couture bleu soie... Just awesome ànd... at the evening, it's still on your eyes! So: try it out! Gorgeous!!!

Gravatar Ewelinachiclifestyle Ewelina

Reply Ewelinachiclifestyle Ewelina on 31 March 2014:

so many great products. I'm MAC addict, so I use mainly their products for my make up. But i also use cheaper ones. Lady million- my last perfumes and to be honest I do like changes:-)


Gravatar Krizia

Reply Krizia on 31 March 2014:

Gravatar Milu Sosa

Reply Milu Sosa on 31 March 2014:

I love the Givenchi mascara as well!!! pricy but SO good!
Thanks for sharing!


Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 31 March 2014:

Die Givenchy mascara en bloemen parfum van PHilosophy wil ik wel eens uitproberen!! Ziet er super uit x

Gravatar Chahrazad

Reply Chahrazad on 31 March 2014:

Nice favorites!!


Gravatar Kiwi Fashion Blog

Reply Kiwi Fashion Blog on 31 March 2014:

Thanks for sharing what your beauty favourites are with us! I have not heard of several brands you mentioned so i will be checking them out soon :)

Gravatar Ania Zarzycka

Reply Ania Zarzycka on 31 March 2014:

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 31 March 2014:

Oh super dat je dit met ons wilt delen beauty queen!!!! Ik wil ze allemaal!!! Els x

Gravatar Kathleen Harper

Reply Kathleen Harper on 01 April 2014:

I'll definitely have to checkout these perfumes! Love all your selections. Thanks for your secrets :)

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 01 April 2014:

Great post Lima!! Thank you for THE share!! Lovin

Gravatar Marianna Papagiannopoulou

Reply Marianna Papagiannopoulou on 02 April 2014:

Amazing photos!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

Gravatar Bárbara Marques

Reply Bárbara Marques on 02 April 2014:

I think I'm really going to try that Karl Lagerfeld fragrance :)

Gravatar stylishvue

Reply stylishvue on 02 April 2014:

All so perfect, I must try this perfume too!
Laura. xx

Gravatar Caroline Topperman

Reply Caroline Topperman on 02 April 2014:

Oooh, thank you! Those products look wonderful!

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 02 April 2014:

Hmmmm I need this

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 17 April 2014:

Leuke post! Bedankt meid om dit te delen. S

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