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Hey Ladies, let's talk beauty today. One of my all time favourite lipstick brand is YSL, no doubt! Since my very first purchase of the YSL SHEER CANDY in LUSH COCONUT (that's when my love affair with YSL began). They are just so easy, sheer and natural yet totally change the look of my lips. The shades are perfect and can be built up to whatever intensity of color I want. The texture of each lipstick is the same. Extremely smooth, buttery soft and hydrating which means they apply beautifully and are extremely comfortable to wear.

My second crush is the packaging. It makes me feel glamorous just by hearing the sound of it opening, The gold casing is stunning. There is an intricate detail in the middle displaying the YSL brand name, a pop of colour giving you a sneaky peak at the colour hidden inside and last but not least that tasty-uplifting smell... Gosh I just can't get enough of it! :D Now they have introduced a whole new line of lip colors called the ROUGE VOLUPTE SHINE...and here they are again!

My day-time favorite at the moment is the YSL lipstick 51 and 41, a really natural, soft-looking shade that has a great staying power. I suppose the word "natural" keeps coming up whenever I talk about make-up. I really am a big believer in beauty products doing what their are supposed to without looking too obvious. So, I think I choose most make-up products on that basis, red lipstick and black liner of course being the exception:) Once you have tried these beauties, you'll know what I'm talking about. ;)

My second addiction is the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum and let me be the one to say it's divine! It’s truly one of those scents that so many will fall in love with from the first try. The bottle is dark and decorated with sequins that give a glam rock look. If you are looking for a warm yet striking fragrance this is one to check out!







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Gravatar Liliane

Reply Liliane on 03 April 2016:

Oh super leuke post!! Geweldig :D


Reply on 03 April 2016:

This is so cool! I love Ysl lipsticks can't wait to try those.
Have a good day x

Gravatar Lesly Bergmans van Verona ;)

Reply Lesly Bergmans van Verona ;) on 06 April 2016:

Ik ben ook fan van deze lippenstiftjes en vooral van de geur. Mooi artikel Lima.


Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 07 April 2016:

J'adore YSL! Toffe post! ????????????

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