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Hi Folks! This weekend I went to WCD, a Belgian festival at the sea. I had such a fabulous time, it was amazing!! So today I'm showing my festival outfit of the weekend. I wore a H&M outfit and my STEVE MADDEN heels (here). By the way, check out their website cuz they are having great deals right now! :D I hope you all like the pictures and are having a great week!! See you soon! Love, Lima x

Salut les filles! Ce weekend je suis allé à WCD, un festival Belge à la côte. C'était génial et une expérience inoubliable!! Aujourd'hui je vous montre donc ma tenue que j'ai porté à cette occasion. C'est un total look de H&M et des talons de STEVE MADDEN (ici). D'ailleurs pensez à jeter un coup d'œil sur leur site car en ce moment ils ont de superbes avantages!! Je vous souhaite encore une agréable semaine et à très bientôt!! Lima

Ciao ragazze! Questo week end sono andata al WCD un festival qui in Belgio sul mare. È stato davvero divertente! Ne approfitto per mostrarvi il mio outfit: abiti di H&M e scarpe con il tacco di STEVE MADDEN. Già che ci siete andate a dare un'occhiata al loro sito perchè ora ci sono delle belle occasioni: imperdibili! Spero che vi piacciano queste foto e vi auguro una fantastica settimana. A presto! Lima




Outfit & Accessories: H&M - Heels: STEVE MADDEN - Clutch: SL.


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Gravatar The Fashion Panda

Reply The Fashion Panda on 13 August 2014:

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 13 August 2014:

Just B E A U T I F U L !!! ♡♡♡

Gravatar Céline

Reply Céline on 13 August 2014:

Oh love this, adore this look girl!!!

Gravatar Lorre

Reply Lorre on 13 August 2014:

Heb hier geen andere woorden voor --> Prachtig!! Wat een inspiratie!


Reply 13 August 2014:

Omg Lima!!!! Like a dream!


Reply 13 August 2014:

Superbe Lima! Jadore, splendide!


Reply 13 August 2014:

Deze look is echt af, wat een top outfit!

Gravatar Amanda Chic "Fashion room lounge"

Reply Amanda Chic "Fashion room lounge" on 14 August 2014:

amazing look

Gravatar Karen Liesens

Reply Karen Liesens on 15 August 2014:

Wat een leuke outfit! Je zag er top uit Lima!

Gravatar ELien

Reply ELien on 15 August 2014:

Gravatar Mai

Reply Mai on 18 August 2014:

Gorgeous look! I love sheer panel an how it gives the illusion that you're wearing a full length dress ^^

Mai ||

Gravatar Sherazade

Reply Sherazade on 18 August 2014:

Nice one again Lima!

Gravatar Coline

Reply Coline on 19 August 2014:

Magnifique look

Nouveau post en ligne sur le blog :
Coline ♥

Gravatar Noemí

Reply Noemí on 19 August 2014:

you look so gorgeous on that dress <3 Very interesting the floral bandana >

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