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posted 6 years ago, on

I'm wearing: Zara leather studded jacket, River Island dress + hair accessory, KEN wedge sneakers,
Urban Outfitters chain+ bracelets, H&M tights, Alexander Wang bag.
Again, this post shows that I am a real River Island lover ;)
Do you like this brand??
Let me know ;)


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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Facebook Comments

Gravatar blackberryfashion

Replyblackberryfashion on 12 December 2012:

Amazing headband! :)

Gravatar Melissa Cabrini

ReplyMelissa Cabrini on 12 December 2012: look gorgeous..this outfit is amazing...follow you back...

Gravatar Sam

ReplySam on 12 December 2012:

I LOVE this combination, and I am a huge River Island lover too!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, following you back on Bloglovin, number 133 ;)

Sam Muses xx

Gravatar Coline Chavaroche

ReplyColine Chavaroche on 12 December 2012:

I actually don't use blogloving but i can follow you on my blogger list if you want ?



Gravatar ChatterBlossom

ReplyChatterBlossom on 13 December 2012:

I love the headwrap! So pretty!

Gravatar Rebecca

ReplyRebecca on 13 December 2012:

Beautiful look! I love your tights and the head wrap is incredible!


Gravatar Babi

ReplyBabi on 13 December 2012:

WOW!! You rock with this look!!! :) So cool!!! Totally love it!!

A big kiss!!



ReplySHOP STYLE CONQUER on 13 December 2012:

Gravatar Ági Titus-Karsai

ReplyÁgi Titus-Karsai on 13 December 2012:

Hey honey, great outfit! :) I really love your pullover and wedge sneakers :)

I don't have a bloglovin account yet, but I'm gonna set it up soon! Until then, I'm following you on blogger, you can do the same if you want :) But as soon as I get my Bloglovin , I will add you there ;)

Gravatar Axelle

ReplyAxelle on 13 December 2012:

Mooie outfit ! & i love the shoesss ! zelf vind ik river island ook superleuk ! :)

xoxo Axelle

Gravatar Veronique & Stephanie

ReplyVeronique & Stephanie on 13 December 2012:


Thanks for your comment!
we are following u back on bloglovin'!


Gravatar Simply me

ReplySimply me on 13 December 2012:

Like your outfit, but your shoes? Love, love, love them! They're amazing xoxo

Gravatar Linda Famularcano

ReplyLinda Famularcano on 14 December 2012:

Great outfit! I do like River Island but I've yet to find anything more than okay on me so far xx

P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin ;)

Gravatar Adrielle

ReplyAdrielle on 14 December 2012:

Edgy look!

Gravatar Margaret Cruzemark

ReplyMargaret Cruzemark on 14 December 2012:

So cool and trendy! You look great! I love it!!!
Kisses and hugs!!!
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Gravatar Daf Benosa

ReplyDaf Benosa on 14 December 2012:

Gravatar GlamFabChameleon

ReplyGlamFabChameleon on 14 December 2012:

Fantastic look, headband is super cute!;)

Gravatar Bhushavali - Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger!

ReplyBhushavali - Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! on 15 December 2012:

Gravatar Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots)

ReplyJulie (Little Pink Rain Boots) on 16 December 2012:

Gravatar Eider Urkijo

ReplyEider Urkijo on 17 December 2012:

Gorgeous like always!!! Love your dress and the headband! kisses from Spain

Gravatar Anonymous

ReplyAnonymous on 17 December 2012:

You look fabulous in this outfit!I went to River Island for that dress and head piece!I've found it and I'm so happy with it!Thank you again for inspiring us every day with affordable clothes and styles.You really rock Lima.
Tender kisses from Suela.

Gravatar Angela Celio

ReplyAngela Celio on 18 December 2012:

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 18 December 2012:

Thank you all one by one for those lovely comments!!!!!I hope you will drop by again very soon ;)I'm thanking you for inspiring me, all your positive vibes are making me every day more and more motivated!
Big Love to you all x

Gravatar Chiara

ReplyChiara on 19 December 2012:

Amazing outfit! You're so pretty! (:

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 19 December 2012:

Thank you my dear, that's such a lovely comment :D Thank you for dropping by , hope to see you soon. Lots of lovexxx


ReplyJULIETTE on 21 December 2012:

What a great look!


Gravatar MondayNightFashion

ReplyMondayNightFashion on 22 December 2012:

I love the turban headband! Im actually planning to make myself one with some fabric and an old broche..following you back now!!

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 22 December 2012:

Thank you very much! @Mondaynight; I would love to see that!Let me know when you post it!!!I would very appreciate that!!!thank you x

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Replyhermes outlet in france on 23 September 2014:

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