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Today I really wanted to show you my latest purchases. I bought this pant in H&M for only 9,99€ and these sunglasses for only 4,95€ !! Isn't that great ??? I have so much more to show you guys, but this will be for the coming posts ;) Enjoy!
Aujourd'hui, je voulais vraiment vous montrer un de mes derniers achats. J'ai acheté ce pantalon à H&M pour seulement 9,99 et ces lunettes de soleil pour seulement 4.95 ! N'est-ce pas formidable??? Qu'en pensez -vous ;)
I'm wearing;
H&M tribal trouser & sunglasses
Balmain leather blouse
Balenciaga clutch & bracelet
New Look heels
Enjoy your weekend!

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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 07 September 2012:

STYLISCH AND STRONG !!! much <3 Franky ;-)

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 07 September 2012:

wauw!!!! like it!!!!Majda x

Gravatar Mehdia

Reply Mehdia on 07 September 2012:

You're looking stunning!Love the complete outfit!! And Balmain off course!!!!X

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 07 September 2012:

Waaaaaaaw I really really LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 07 September 2012:

Thank you very much guys! Thank you for the positive vibes!!! It's making me so happpyyyyy ;) Thank you, Big looooooove xxx

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 09 September 2012:

Perfect style!!!You are stunning!!!

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 02 March 2013:

I just love it!!!!

Gravatar Mary Jose

Reply Mary Jose on 21 September 2013:

I love your outfits but i like your leather blouse the most. It looks quite impressive and stunning. You are looking dashing with such beautiful outfits. Keep it up !!!
tribal leather

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