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Lima's Wardrobe Hi Folks! For my outfit today, I was inspired by 'The Great Gatsby'

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Hi Folks! For my outfit today, I was inspired by 'The Great Gatsby'. Since this movie came out, fashion from the 1920’s has become impossible to ignore. Designers and labels have been creating many 1920’s inspired clothing. I love it because it's timeless and it's one of the most stylish ways to dress. Flapper dresses, pearls, sequin, head pieces, feathers, gemstones, epaulets etc. I chose to wear a H&M dress made from different materials ( faux fur, sequin and wool) with my new mongolian boho hippie coat. All available now in the H&M stores. The most important detail is the headpiece that I purchased recently at Zara. So, don't forget no matter what the year is, you can’t go wrong with a 20’s inspired outfit!;) Have a nice weekend. Enjoy and have fun<3 Love, Lima xoxo
Jacket, Dress, rings: H&M - Headpiece, shoes: ZARA- Necklace: NEW LOOK - Bag: STELLA MCCARTNEY - Socks: WOLFORD.
Love, Lima xoxo


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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar Kiwi Fashion Blog

ReplyKiwi Fashion Blog on 19 October 2013:

You know what's funny I still have not yet seen the movie yet. However I can totally see the inspiration in your outfit. Love that headband! It's lovely!

Gravatar Patrícia M.

ReplyPatrícia M. on 20 October 2013:

Fabulous, fabulous outfit! Every type of reference to that movie could only be amazing!!


Gravatar on 20 October 2013:

you look much better than anybody in that movie :)) trust me!


Gravatar stylishvue

Replystylishvue on 20 October 2013:

I love your hair!!! This look is amazing, this film was so inspiring for the fashions.
Laura. xx

Gravatar Cassandra Ikegbune

ReplyCassandra Ikegbune on 20 October 2013:

lima you look so amazing!!! im totally in love with everything!!

Gravatar DeaL

ReplyDeaL on 20 October 2013:

The great beautiful Lima!

Gravatar Chahrazad

ReplyChahrazad on 20 October 2013:

Gorgeous photographs! You look stunning my dear. And for sure a great gatsby outfit.


Gravatar Coline Chavaroche

ReplyColine Chavaroche on 20 October 2013:

you look amazing
i love this outfit


Coline ♡

Gravatar Ania Zarzycka

ReplyAnia Zarzycka on 20 October 2013:

Gravatar Madeline Veloria

ReplyMadeline Veloria on 21 October 2013:

So lovely :) Loving all the glitz and glam!

Veloria in Velvet

Gravatar Xia Feng

ReplyXia Feng on 21 October 2013:

I love your outfit. It's gorgeous! I really admire your fashion taste, I have found some faux fur coats at voguequeen, how about them?

Gravatar The Fashion Panda

ReplyThe Fashion Panda on 21 October 2013:

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

ReplyElke Meirlaen on 21 October 2013:

Beautiful! Stunning!

Gravatar Vett Vandiver

ReplyVett Vandiver on 22 October 2013:

such a gorgeous look!!

Gravatar Samantha Mariko

ReplySamantha Mariko on 22 October 2013:

Thats a really cool dress! I can't believe you got it at H&M! Thanks for the comment, I've been following you on bloglovin:)

Gravatar Anna Crysell

ReplyAnna Crysell on 22 October 2013:

I love this look! The boots and jacket are amazing! Im a big fan of your blog so now i am also your newest follower

The Koalafornian x

Gravatar Nail Judit

ReplyNail Judit on 22 October 2013:

It's a beautiful dress! <3
Judith kiss

Gravatar Niki Kouri

ReplyNiki Kouri on 22 October 2013:

I love the '20s era and "Great Gatsby" is amazing, so is your outfit!

Gravatar Amanda Chic

ReplyAmanda Chic on 22 October 2013:

Love your look
twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
Fashion room lounge

A chic kiss ;)

Gravatar Dania Carbonini

ReplyDania Carbonini on 22 October 2013:

Hi Lima, wonderful look!
Love your dress, it' s so cool, and i' m totale in love for your necklace!



Gravatar Gal Ben-Moyal

ReplyGal Ben-Moyal on 22 October 2013:

OK what's this?! You left me without words!
you look so amazing i love all your fashion choice my lovely babe!
addition to dress and accessorize i love your makeup is stunning and very flattering for you :)

Love always and send you mocho kisses from Tel-Aviv, Gal.

Gravatar Diāna Ropša

ReplyDiāna Ropša on 22 October 2013:

Fun post! I like your blog – interesting, diverse, fun.

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and official homepage:

Gravatar Kacrates

ReplyKacrates on 23 October 2013:

Beautiful, you have definitely captured the essence the great gatsby represented! You look like the old money side ;)

Gravatar Elle

ReplyElle on 23 October 2013:

Lima, You look so chic and modern even as you evoke Daisy in the Great Gatsby..actually you make her look plain and ordinary! So fab! Congrats!
XX, Elle

Gravatar Caroline Topperman

ReplyCaroline Topperman on 23 October 2013:

I am so in love with this look!!! I would wear it every single day!

Gravatar JustPorsh

ReplyJustPorsh on 23 October 2013:

Never seen the movies before but heard a lot about it.
Its now a must see for me. Need to get me some 20's inspirition.
You look absolutely stunning!

Gravatar Maripiliyrebeca Cortés Romeo

ReplyMaripiliyrebeca Cortés Romeo on 23 October 2013:

Estas guapisima!!!

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 27 October 2013:

Thank you all so much ladies!!! I'll try to answer you all one by one this week!

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