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Hi Lovelies, I hope you all had a great weekend! Like I promised, here the pictures of my first

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Hi Lovelies, I hope you all had a great weekend! Like I promised, here the pictures of my first event from last week "The Big You". M.A.C showed us great make up methods, Sodastream learned us how to make delicious fruit cocktails, Rituals showed us their new skincare products, Swarovski brought us to paradise with their beautiful collection and UGG brought us to Marrakech with their Oriental lounge and Henna tattoos! Filippa K organised a blogger contest, below you can see my composed outfit ;)
Coming soon in all the M.A.C stores!
Find me ? Where is my badge ;)
Bambi & Aurélia are my friends and they both have a fantastic fashionblog! Have a look at their website:
I hope you like the pictures! Wish you guys a lovely evening and thank you so much for
(You can find me on instagram @ LIMASWARDROBE )

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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar Bambi

Reply Bambi on 11 February 2013:

Great post darling! Had a lot of fun! We should do this more often babe! xoxo See you soon!!!

Gravatar The Sunny List

Reply The Sunny List on 11 February 2013:

Wow, this looks like so much fun!
I really liked the make up design, it's very different !

Gravatar blackberryfashion

Reply blackberryfashion on 11 February 2013:

Gravatar s

Reply s on 11 February 2013:

Gravatar Vogue Villain

Reply Vogue Villain on 11 February 2013:

You guys look like you had so much fun and both of you look great!
Love the leopard blazer<3
Thanks for the follow!
Following you back :)


Reply ÉLHABLA DEMODA on 11 February 2013:

Great post. Looks like fun!


Reply SHOP STYLE CONQUER on 11 February 2013:

Gravatar Luba Dimitrova

Reply Luba Dimitrova on 11 February 2013:

Gorgeous pictures !
Hope you had lot of fun !
I would like to invite you to join in my Luxury bag Giveaway ! Thank you so much in advance !

XX Luba

:: Well Living Blog :: Luxury bag Giveaway

Gravatar Nathalie Van den Berg

Reply Nathalie Van den Berg on 11 February 2013:

Heb je niet gezien! Was echt een fijne dag!

Gravatar Eider Urkijo

Reply Eider Urkijo on 11 February 2013:

ohhh! So funn! Love your coat, is amazing! Gorgeous lima, like always! Bisous!

Gravatar Francois

Reply Francois on 11 February 2013:

Wow, the jewelry looks incredibly amazing :O

Gravatar Liquorice and Pumps

Reply Liquorice and Pumps on 11 February 2013:

Looks like a lot of fun! What did you think of the rituals products :D


Gravatar The Viewfinder | Kevin van Diest

Reply The Viewfinder | Kevin van Diest on 11 February 2013:

Lima! Ziet er weer gezellig uit.

Moet zeggen dat jij echt mooie jukbeenderen hebt! Krijg je van die volle wangetje van ...Je bent natuurlijk ook niets voor niets een model;)


Gravatar Rachel Tindall

Reply Rachel Tindall on 11 February 2013:

Gravatar FashionEdible

Reply FashionEdible on 11 February 2013:

Gravatar Giu Lia

Reply Giu Lia on 11 February 2013:

You look fab!!!

Gravatar Saranda Suzanna Adriana

Reply Saranda Suzanna Adriana on 11 February 2013:

Lovely post! You look amazing!


Gravatar Irene H Steel

Reply Irene H Steel on 12 February 2013:

Such a nice event! I hope you had fun and enjoyed it :)


Gravatar Stella StyleArua

Reply Stella StyleArua on 12 February 2013:

Great post!!!

Gravatar EMA

Reply EMA on 12 February 2013:

Wow that looks like such a nice event and you both look great :D

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 13 February 2013:

Hi Everyone!Thank you so much for all your nice comments!
Yes we really had a great time and so much fun! Thanks again for dropping by, It's always a pleasure to read all your reactions and comments!Wishing you all a lovely evening!! <3 xxx

Gravatar Lindsey

Reply Lindsey on 24 February 2013:

Love your coat!

Gravatar Gosia Bobrowska

Reply Gosia Bobrowska on 30 March 2013:

Lima, I totally love your style! <3

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