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Hi Pretties! Today I'm showing you a tailored denim look by GUESS. I was in Amsterdam for the exclusive YSL Black Opium launch party last weekend and this is one of the looks I wore for my business appointments. I decided to wear something rather formal! I love tailored outfits, simply because they can be so dressy & you can easily dress them down with a tee and some flats for a more casual look. Not to mention how comfy they are. ;) Hope you guys like the pictures ;) Wishing you All a wonderful week, enjoy every minute! Keep smiling and shining! <3

Aujourd'hui je vous montre un look assez formel de GUESS. J'étais à Amsterdam pour le lancement Black Opium d'YSL et voici un des ensemble que j'y ai porté. Quelque chose d'assez solennel pour mes rendez-vous d'affaires! J'aime beaucoup ce genre de tenue smoking car ça fait très habillé mais à la fois très facile à porter, plus décontracté. J'espère que les photos vous plaisent. Je vous souhaite une merveilleuse semaine <3

Ciao bellezze! Oggi voglio mostrarvi un total look firmato GUESS, un completo pantalone in dine. La scorsa settimana sono stata ad Amsterdam per il lancio esclusivo del nuovo profumo Black Opium di YSL, e in occasione di uno dei vari impegni di lavoro mi sono vestita così. Ho optato per un look piuttosto formale. Adoro i tailleur perché sono molto versatili: per sdrammatizzarli, basta abbinarli a una semplice t-shirt e un paio di scarpe basse. E poi sono troppo comodi! Spero che vi piacciano queste foto. Vi auguro una settimana meravigliosa. Un abbraccio forte, Lima –x-

cover foto


Total look: GUESS - Heels: SUPERTRASH - Sunglasses, bag: CELINE by B-OPTIEK-LATEM - Bracelet: BELMODOxLESSOEURS.

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Reply Elke on 30 September 2015:

J'adoooooore tout simplement!!! Magnifique!!! ❤❤❤

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