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Hi Pretties! Today I had a day off. I went for a walk to the Christmas market with the hubby. For the occasion I wanted to be comfy but still stylish. I wore my all time favourite H&M ripped jeans, I don't know why but I can't stop wearing this pants. My mom and husband want to hide it! :) I combined it with my new LOLA CRUZ beauties -perfect to survive this cold weather-, my new KENZO sweater and SUPERDRY biker jacket. This is an outfit that I could wear every day. It's basic, comfy, warm and stylish at the same time. What else do we need these days? Wishing you a lovely Sunday! Enjoy <3

Salut les girls! Aujourd'hui, j'ai eu un jour de congé et j'en ai profité pour faire une balade au marché de Noël. Pour l'occasion, je voulais être confortable mais stylée en même temps. J'ai 'encore' mis mon jeans déchiré préféré de H&M. (Au désespoir de ma mère! Elle m'a proposée de le cacher pour moi hahaha) Je l'ai combiné avec mes nouvelles baskets LOLA CRUZ, mon nouveau sweater KENZO et mon blouson SUPERDRY. Voilà, la tenue que je pourrais porter tous les jours. Simple, confortable et bien chaud. Je vous souhaite un bon dimanche!

Ciao bellezze! Oggi ero a casa dal lavoro e insieme a mio marito sono andata a a fare un bel giro al mercatino di Natale. Per l'occasione ho optato per un look all'insegna della comodità, senza però rinunciare allo stile. Ho indossato i miei fantastici jeans con gli strappi di H&M. Non chiedetemi il perché, ma appena posso me li metto senza pensarci due volte. In compenso mio marito e mia mamma me li vogliono nascondere... Oggi li ho abbinati a queste meraviglie di LOLA CRUZ, perfette per resistere al freddo, al mio nuovo maglione di KENZO e a questa giacca di SUPERDRY. Potrei vestirmi così tutti i giorni: è un outfit semplice, comodo, caldo e soprattutto stilosissimo. Insomma, meglio di così! Vi auguro un fantastico week end pre-natalizio. Divertitevi! Lima <3


donkereder aanpassing



Sneakers: LOLA CRUZ - Jacket: SUPERDRY - Sweater: KENZO - Bag: CHANEL - Sunglasses: RAY-BAN - Pants: H&M.


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Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 21 December 2014:

Awesome outfit! I love the sneakers and sweater! Great look! ♥♥♥♥♥

Gravatar Dressing in Labels

Reply Dressing in Labels on 21 December 2014:

Wat een originele en prachtige Kenzo sweater sweetie! Je ziet er wer fab uit!

Gravatar Sarah

Reply Sarah on 21 December 2014:

Love ure style and your looks!
You are a second Chiara, damn yes!!!!
Such a good taste and luv ure attitude!!!
Sarah from THE


Reply 21 December 2014:

Die broek, handtas, sweater & schoenen zijn super mooi. Ik zou de volledige look zelf dragen echt waar :D

Marianne x

Gravatar Carly Van Loe

Reply Carly Van Loe on 21 December 2014:

Perfect edgy styled look for a day of shopping!
Merry Christmas--<a href=>The Doctor Diva</a>

Gravatar Lenya

Reply Lenya on 21 December 2014:

Marvelous look, girl. Love everything, it's just perfect from the bottom to the top!

Gravatar Nicky mywishstyle

Reply Nicky mywishstyle on 21 December 2014:

So cool and stylish ! Love your look
Ciao bella


Reply 22 December 2014:

Love your sense of style!

Gravatar Anshul

Reply Anshul on 22 December 2014:

Omgosh, I love those sneakers!!! Just gorgeous! And with those, it's enough to conquer the world! haha!! :p

Gravatar Anshul

Reply Anshul on 22 December 2014:

I am in love with those sneakers! They're so so pretty! And with those, it's enough to conquer the world! haha!! :p

Gravatar Paola Buonacara

Reply Paola Buonacara on 22 December 2014:

Gravatar Royal Wang

Reply Royal Wang on 22 December 2014:

I love your jeans so beautiful

Gravatar Marlies - GM&amp;PB

Reply Marlies - GM&amp;PB on 22 December 2014:

Ik ben niet zo'n fan van ripped jeans, maar ik vind dat het wel heel erg goed bij deze outfit past. Leuke sneakers ook!
En fijn dat je een dagje vrij had ;)

Gravatar Anshul

Reply Anshul on 22 December 2014:

Your sneakers are indeed a statement in themselves. Love them!!! And love how your shirt is of such a bright bold Colour :)

Gravatar Angela Donava

Reply Angela Donava on 22 December 2014:

This outfit is so perfect!
Have a nice day!
Angela Donava

Gravatar Marta Purriños

Reply Marta Purriños on 22 December 2014:

Gravatar Diana

Reply Diana on 22 December 2014:

Usually i use my DSLR or my phone when i don’t have it with me while outing. Great photos!

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