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Hi Friends This weekend I went to a beauty pageant called 'Miss Exclusive'! It was a gr

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Hi Friends
This weekend I went to a beauty pageant called 'Miss Exclusive'! It was a great show with lots of glitz and glamour. For this occasion I wanted to be dressed chic and elegant. I found this beautiful emerald catsuit at River Island. The sleeves are transparent and you have a small studded belt to your waist, perfect for sculpting your body. I must say that I'm very happy with my new purchase ;) It was exactly what I needed for that event :)
Ce week-end je suis allée à un concours de beauté appelé "Miss Exclusive"! C'était un grand spectacle avec beaucoup de paillettes et de glamour. Pour cette accasion je voulais être chic et élégante. J'ai trouvé ce catsuit de couleur émeraude à River Island. Les manches sont transparentes et vous avez une petite ceinture cloutée pour votre taille, parfait pour sculpter votre corps. Je dois dire que je suis très contente de mon nouvel achat ;) C'est exactement ce dont j'avais besoin pour cet événement!
This is our winner, Shallie Abbiusi!
The jury, Cilou Annys and Filip Vanden Berghe (also a great photographer)!
My endless love...Chocolat!
Truly the sweetest chocolate ever ;)
As you can see, I still got some chocolate on my lips ;) It was a crazy chocolat night hahaha!

I'm wearing:
River Island emerald catsuit with studded belt
Balenciaga clutch
Hermes collier de chien bracelet

Have a nice evening and thank you for dropping by!


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Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 16 October 2012:

Love the catsuit!Love the Blog!

Lorena, Spain.

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 16 October 2012:

I want Chocolat and I want that catsuit! Is it New Collection?

Gravatar Mehdia

Reply Mehdia on 16 October 2012:

I love the catsuit!!!!! Suits you very nice with your elegance!! Xoxoxo

Gravatar Mehdia

Reply Mehdia on 16 October 2012:

Forgot to mention that I love your LOGO above on your website, the lady with shopping bags en dat roos strikje is totally Lima Ché!!!!! XXXX!!!!

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 16 October 2012:

Loooooove it baby!!!!!....It was a lovely night!!..And the pic's great!! xxxxx!!!!

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 16 October 2012:

'are great'!...:-) majda

Gravatar Modoholics

Reply Modoholics on 16 October 2012:

Love the catsuit toooooo

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 16 October 2012:

Thank you so much girlsssss!!!!!! Thank you for the positive vibes :)))) @ Mehdia Thank you for the good work, you know what I mean ;) Big Love to you all!!!!!

Gravatar Patricia Do Nascimento

Reply Patricia Do Nascimento on 17 October 2012:

This outfit is perfect on you and I Love your hermes bracelet!!

Gravatar Muny B

Reply Muny B on 17 October 2012:

Really love your clutch!


Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 17 October 2012:

Hi girls
Thank you very much!!!
Hope you will like the coming posts to ;)
Big Love xxx

Gravatar Kendra Alexandra

Reply Kendra Alexandra on 19 October 2012:

Gorgeous outfit, you look great!
Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
Would you like to follow each other on GFC??


Gravatar Anthea Lau

Reply Anthea Lau on 20 October 2012:

i love that your playsuit has sheer sleeves - very nice xoxo
would you like to follow each other?

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 20 October 2012:

I'm following you now all on Bloglovin!!! Follow me back ;)
Big Loooove xoxox

Gravatar Carmen

Reply Carmen on 20 October 2012:

Great outfit and pics :)

Gravatar blackberryfashion

Reply blackberryfashion on 20 October 2012:

Gravatar Natalie

Reply Natalie on 20 October 2012:

You look so beautiful! I love the jumpsuit on you and the muted blue color is amazing!

Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

Gravatar Metajojuana Nyt

Reply Metajojuana Nyt on 21 October 2012:

LOve your look! You are soo gorgeous! Would you like to visit my blog too and lets follow each other?

BIG hair LOUD mouth

Gravatar Meganne Hirsch

Reply Meganne Hirsch on 21 October 2012:

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 22 October 2012:

Thank you very much girls!!!!

I'm following you all on Bloglovin ;)

Follow me too!

Thank you for dropping by and hope to see you soon!

Gravatar Adetutu Zainab

Reply Adetutu Zainab on 13 February 2014:

I love the catsuit.

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