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For today's outfit I tried to keep things simple and classic

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For today's outfit I tried to keep things simple and classic, so I wore this lovely Halé Bob midnight blue lace top with some jeans and teamed it with my zebra heels. I added my favourite Delvaux bag to achieve a more "parisienne" look. I really hope you like it. :) I wish you an amazing day and thank you so much for reading!

Pour la tenue d'aujourd'hui, j'ai essayé de garder les choses simples et classiques. J'ai mis ce beau haut d'Halé Bob en dentelle avec un jeans et mes talons zébrées pour ajouter un peu de caractère. Comme touche finale le sac Delvaux pour obtenir ce look à la "parisienne". :) Je vous souhaite une superbe journée et je vous remercie beaucoup pour la lecture!

Oggi ero in vena di un outfit semplice e classico, così ho optato per questo top blu scuro di Halé Bob, un jeans e un paio di scarpe zebrate. Per un tocco "parigino" ho tirato fuori la mia borsa preferita di Delvaux. Che ve ne pare? Vi auguro una giornata meravigliosa. Grazie a ancora per continuare a seguirmi.



in orde


Blouse: HALE BOB - Jeans: GUESS - Sunglasses: PRADA - Bag: DELVAUX - Shoes: SARENZA - Cardigan: HOTEL PARTICULIER.


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Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 22 November 2015:

J'adore! Élégant et cool en un ????????❤

Gravatar Sarah

Reply Sarah on 23 November 2015:

Nice combo. Very pretty. I saw this sunglasses online but I passed because I have the baroque. ..but it looks so good on you that I might just have to order it.

Gravatar Nena

Reply Nena on 23 November 2015:

die tas! Zalig! :D

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