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Hi ladies! Let me introduce you to my new 'baby', the DELVAUX Madame! Which I've been

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Hi ladies! Let me introduce you to my new 'baby', the DELVAUX Madame! Which I've been dreaming of for so long. For quite some time the brand Delvaux regain my heart by giving new life to their classics. Being nearly 200 years old, it's the world's oldest luxury label. For as long as I can remember my grandmother had a Delvaux bag and in fact, pretty much every other grandmother I know in Belgium proudly carries one. Now 10 years later, I suddenly catch myself thinking these bags are pretty awesome and I wouldn’t mind having one myself!! :D After seeing them on celebrities like Sienna Miller, Olivia Palermo, Katie Holmes etc. I went to the boutique to see them in real! It was love at first sight!! The Madame bag is all about simple, sophisticated and tasteful luxury. It's less bling and more like a subtle hint at a fashion-forward person who knows how to pick the finer things in life without needing to flaünt them. Delvaux still produce by hand on a small scale (just around 7000 bags a year, which is just a fraction of what Chanel or Hermès produce, for example). This is making the bags even more special, and looking at my grandmother’s trusty little handbag she’s carried around forever, those bags are beautiful and timeless.
And at last but not least, Slit Maxi Dresses are my newest obsession. I purchased this maxi skirt from River Island a couple of months ago but I haven't had a chance to wear it until now. I remember that my husband's eyes almost popped out when I first tried the dress and he asked me if I was going to wear it outside?! :D Well, I have to admit, it's quite sexy... but in a good way! :D (Rule number one, when wearing a split skirt or dress: never wear a top that reveals too much cleavage, to avoid looking vulgar.) They are great, very easy to wear, comfy, stylish, and super versatile. During the day I like to throw a biker jacket over the dress and my biker boots to make the look more casual, just like I did today. When it comes to the evening look, all you need is megaheels and a cute sequin clutch and let the dress speak for itself, it's a guaranteed showstopper. ;)
Armswag from TOIBELLE. (here)
Dress: RIVER ISLAND - Jacket: ZARA - Bag: DELVAUX (here) - Shoes: ERAM - Armswag, gloves: TOIBELLE (here) - Beanie: LIVING ROYAL - Sunglasses: VOGUE - Lipstick: MAC.
I hope you like the pictures. I wish you all a wonderful week! Take care of yourselves and stay stylish! Lima <3


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Gravatar Paulina Sereda

ReplyPaulina Sereda on 06 January 2014:

Gravatar Kiwi Fashion Blog

ReplyKiwi Fashion Blog on 06 January 2014:

This dress is both sexy and form fitting!!! You have a terrific figure (you don't need me to tell you that haha) to practically pull off any look!!

Gravatar Krizia

ReplyKrizia on 06 January 2014:

Gravatar bashashhazbaz

Replybashashhazbaz on 06 January 2014:

wowzers! that dress is sexy! you look amazing in it!

Gravatar Ewelinachiclifestyle Ewelina

ReplyEwelinachiclifestyle Ewelina on 06 January 2014:

OMG!!!!!!! You are right, this dress is so simple but yet so sexy!. I know why your husband asked you whether u're going to wear it outside:-p Cos ya look stunning ans super hot in it:-)


Gravatar Chahrazad

ReplyChahrazad on 06 January 2014:

Loveee your dress dear.


Gravatar Maya Bogaert

ReplyMaya Bogaert on 06 January 2014:

Echt mooie handtas, ik associeer het totaal niet met het bomma-imago van het label haha en very sexy jurk :D

Gravatar Handbags for Less

ReplyHandbags for Less on 06 January 2014:

Wow, what an awesome back, love the entire outfit.

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

ReplyElke Meirlaen on 07 January 2014:

Prachtig, cool, stijlvol! Perfect!

Gravatar Jamie

ReplyJamie on 07 January 2014:

so beautiful, just discovered your blog.. very nice! xo,Jamie

Gravatar Bárbara Eirís

ReplyBárbara Eirís on 07 January 2014:

wow!! you're pure perfection!! I can imagine your husband saying: "oh god, every man is going to look at you"haha! (at least, my boyfriend would say that!haha)
I like how you've worn it with the boots and the biker, it looks much more casual!
love, Bárbara

Gravatar Talía Cardeña

ReplyTalía Cardeña on 07 January 2014:


Gravatar Lyn

ReplyLyn on 07 January 2014:

Je ziet er prachtig uit! Mijn boyfriend zijn reactie zou net hetzelfde zijn haha! Boys... Geven we ze eens een lesje in fashion? ;)
& inderdaad, Delvaux tassen zijn prachtig : kwaliteit, klassevol, ..
xx Lyn

Gravatar Abdul Kholiq Hasan

ReplyAbdul Kholiq Hasan on 07 January 2014:

Gravatar I am A Love Addict

ReplyI am A Love Addict on 07 January 2014:

Gravatar Kathleen Harper

ReplyKathleen Harper on 07 January 2014:

This dress of yours is gorgeous - the color is perfect! You look fabulous in black and I'm loving the slit. Very chic! Your hat is a great touch too. You definitely look ready for the new year!

Gravatar Monica P

ReplyMonica P on 07 January 2014:

Yes, that is one beautiful hand bag .. very classic.


Gravatar JustPorsh

ReplyJustPorsh on 07 January 2014:

You look stunning!
That's a gorgeous dress!

Gravatar nele jorissen

Replynele jorissen on 07 January 2014:

Waauw super stoer deze look! Thx voor de reactie :) Ik wil je heel graag op FB en Bloglovin volgen! Ik maak er meteen werk van! XoXo Nele

Gravatar moustachic

Replymoustachic on 07 January 2014:

nice finding your blog! so pretty!

moustachic ♡
Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic


Reply on 07 January 2014:

amazing!!!!!!!! I love this look!!

Gravatar Anonymous

ReplyAnonymous on 07 January 2014:

Perfection girl!!!! Love you ;) M

Gravatar stylishvue

Replystylishvue on 07 January 2014:

I've just ordered a dress like this, you look soooo amazing. I lurrrve this gorgeous bag!
Laura. xx

Gravatar Stella Scarlett Rose

ReplyStella Scarlett Rose on 07 January 2014:

Your body is great. And the dress! Omg. Stunning.


Gravatar Valentina Coco

ReplyValentina Coco on 07 January 2014:

Gravatar Alejandra Angel Cardenas

ReplyAlejandra Angel Cardenas on 07 January 2014:

I super love this look you look amazing so sexy.

Gravatar libys11

Replylibys11 on 08 January 2014:

Gravatar Tiffany Wang

ReplyTiffany Wang on 08 January 2014:

You are truly the baddest :) Love the dress!


Gravatar The Fashion Panda

ReplyThe Fashion Panda on 08 January 2014:

Gravatar Bárbara Marques

ReplyBárbara Marques on 08 January 2014:

This outfit is so cool and sexy at the same time...
That bag is divine and the dress fits you like a glove :)

Gravatar Dressed with soul

ReplyDressed with soul on 08 January 2014:

Yes, I like the pictures and the complete look! Such a really cool idea to wear the cap to the elegant and sexy dress <3

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Gravatar Aurélie - lovelifelovefashion

ReplyAurélie - lovelifelovefashion on 09 January 2014:

What an amazing look! Sexy yet classy :)

Gravatar Gal Ben-Moyal

ReplyGal Ben-Moyal on 21 January 2014:

This comment has been removed by the author.

Gravatar Gal Ben-Moyal

ReplyGal Ben-Moyal on 21 January 2014:

Wow Wow and Wow !!!!!
made me want to put together some look with a black maxi dress :)
You are so inspiring my pretty sister !!!

Love, Gal.

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