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posted 11 years ago, on

Hello Guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was very busy since two of my friends got married and I went to the 'Lui Jo' re-opening in Antwerp (Schutterhofstraat 5). We were invited into the store to discover the new interior and collection accompied by a tasty drink. In the evening they organised an exclusive afterparty at 'Bourla De Foyer'. The atmosphere was great, the music amazing, the collection beautiful and the guests were one by one so pretty ;) I really had a blast! So, especially for you a few pictures of that great day. Thanks again for passing by and I wish you all an enjoyable week!

It was FULL HOUSE ;)

The collection has many vivid colors for this winter.

Next to me, Nathalie from and a friend of her.

I love those babies!

Marco Marchi, founder of Lui Jo was also present.

I've always been a fan of baroque prints.

Our beautiful Elke from 'Fashion One' was also there with her crew;)

I fell in love with those bags <3

Topmodel Nathalie above and below ex- Miss Belgium Virginie Claes.

Viriginie wears a Lui Jo jacket from the new collection and I like it!

The studded denim blouse was one of my favourite items.

Thank you Lui Jo for that great night!

Love, Lima xoxo

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Facebook Comments

Gravatar Iris Fernández García

Reply Iris Fernández García on 16 September 2013:

I love this brand, I'm in love with a bag I saw in the store that work!

Gravatar Kerrin Chance

Reply Kerrin Chance on 16 September 2013:

i love events like this!! You look stunning, friend!!

xoxo, kerri

Gravatar Denisa

Reply Denisa on 16 September 2013:

Very nice pics. Great day.

Gravatar stylishvue

Reply stylishvue on 16 September 2013:

You have been so busy! The store looks amazing and of course you look beautiful.
Laura. xx

Gravatar Elle

Reply Elle on 16 September 2013:

I love how beautiful you look on the sofa!
The merchandise is gorgeous form the store,. I love the sculpted black bags.. who is the designer?
Great post- you are such a beauty!
XX, Elle

Gravatar Monica P

Reply Monica P on 16 September 2013:

The hand bags are divine! I love black with gold details.


Gravatar Ivana

Reply Ivana on 16 September 2013:

Great pieces, they are so beautiful and I love the attention to details in each one of them.


Rue de Tres Chic

Gravatar Kiwi Fashion Blog

Reply Kiwi Fashion Blog on 16 September 2013:

Oh how pretty is this event! You and all the girls look gorgeous!

Gravatar paula mcclelland

Reply paula mcclelland on 17 September 2013:

Such fun pieces! A great night out for you. Great to see Curls and Bags there too :-)

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Gravatar Chrissabella

Reply Chrissabella on 17 September 2013:

Great pictures, love Liu Jo and you look gorgeous

Greetings from London,

Gravatar Kathleen Harper

Reply Kathleen Harper on 17 September 2013:

So pretty! I'm loving all these styles - especially the wedge sneakers!

Gravatar Gal Ben-Moyal

Reply Gal Ben-Moyal on 17 September 2013:

My Love :)

What a beauty! You know where there is another branch of this store?
You look amazing in black! great pictures my darling :)

Love , Gal.

Gravatar Mica T

Reply Mica T on 17 September 2013:

Gravatar Isa

Reply Isa on 17 September 2013:

Gravatar Madeline Veloria

Reply Madeline Veloria on 18 September 2013:

Lovely photos...looks like it was a lot of fun :). And you looked the jeweled headband!

Veloria in velvet

Gravatar Discount Voucher

Reply Discount Voucher on 18 September 2013:

New Branch opening is great thing.
You have well-done pictures.
I love it


Reply SHOP STYLE CONQUER on 18 September 2013:

Gravatar April Fashionreports

Reply April Fashionreports on 18 September 2013:

This looks so cool

Your blog is very inspiring
I'm following you now on bloglovin
Hope you can follow back!

Lots of love,


Gravatar Carmen Gomez-Molina

Reply Carmen Gomez-Molina on 23 September 2013:

I love your headband! I have been seeing that, incorporating jewelry-like head pieces to hair dos and I think it looks amazing.
Looks like you all had lots of fun, such a cool event, and Lui-Jo is such an elegant store :) (how crazy are those huge Lui-Jo dresses in the last picture?!)

Take care xx
La vie en low-cost

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