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posted 5 years ago, on


Hey Beauties! Today I'm showing you a lovely River Island lace-up dress with flared sleeves and my new furry friend by Twin-Set. Turned out to be a nod to the 70’s, don't you agree? ;)

Aujourd'hui je vous montre une jolie robe à lacets avec des manches évasées de River Island et ma fourrure Twin-Set que j'adore. Un clin d'œil aux années 70. Vous ne trouvez pas? ;)

Che ne dite di questo vestito di River Island con allacciatura e maniche a campana? Non so come mai, ma mi è venuto naturale di abbinarlo al mio nuovo inseparabile accessorio "pelliccioso" di Twin-Set. Il risultato è un look vagamente anni '70, non trovate?





Dress: RIVER ISLAND - Jacket: TWIN-SET - Bag, sunglasses: CHLOE - Boots: ISABEL MARANT - Ring: SORU JEWELLERY.


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Gravatar LaVieFleurit

Reply LaVieFleurit on 11 November 2015:

What an awesome look babe! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!


Reply 11 November 2015:

Flawless, perfect look.
Killing it doll!
Stay tuned with my blog

Mariescloset x

Gravatar Sofia

Reply Sofia on 11 November 2015:

Tu es super canon Lima. J'aime beaucoup ce look.

See ya!

Gravatar Sofie Vedrghem

Reply Sofie Vedrghem on 11 November 2015:

Heel mooi meid en dat jasje is beeldig.
Zag dat ze 800euro was valt nog mee voor zo een jasje.
Bedankt voor de inspo meid :D


Reply 11 November 2015:

Always on TOP!!!!!!


Gravatar Trent

Reply Trent on 12 November 2015:

I think you look fab!! Beautiful

Gravatar Grant

Reply Grant on 13 November 2015:

Super gorgeous look on you! Probably one of my favorite fashion week looks of yours

Gravatar Tracy

Reply Tracy on 13 November 2015:

I have been waiting for your new post!

Gravatar Eni

Reply Eni on 13 November 2015:

Gravatar Claire

Reply Claire on 17 November 2015:

Nice pics!! So cute!

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2319158143648375057 Image
2317641567090705955 Image
2316217093816565148 Image
2314071515296870590 Image

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