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Lima's Wardrobe Hi Pretty People, this week I was invited to discover the new shoe paradise in Galeria Inno Brussels Nieuwstraat

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Hi Pretty People, this week I was invited to discover the new shoe paradise in Galeria Inno Brussels Nieuwstraat. Since this week they have a huge platform of 1000m² dedicated to footwear! 120 different shoe brands together:) Isn't that amazing?? I'm a big shoe fan so this concept is really 'heaven' for me ;) You had to see me, I was running around, touching everything, just like a little kid in a toy store ;) Below the pictures of this fun afternoon! I hope you like them :)

Cette semaine j'ai été invité à découvrir le nouveau paradis de chaussures à la 'Galeria Inno Rue Neuve à Bruxelles'. Depuis cette semaine ils ont une énorme plateforme de 1000m², dédié aux chaussures uniquement! Ils ont 120 marques différentes. N'est-ce pas incroyable?? Vous auriez dû me voir... Je courais dans tous les sens, je touchais à tout... Comme une gamine dans un magasin de jouets ;) Ci-dessous les images de cet après-midi très agréable :)

UGG are the perfect shoes for these weather conditions:)

The brand Pink has lovely strass designs, like this blue leopard :)

Animal prints everywhere and also my favourite !

I love those wedge sneakers from Beoriginal.

How cute are these??

Thank you Inno for this invitation! I had a good time :)

I wish you all a lovely evening. Thank you for dropping by.

All my love to you,


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Facebook Comments

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 24 March 2013:

Wat een leuke post!!super al die schoenen en keuze!!! lieze

Gravatar Nathalie Van den Berg

Reply Nathalie Van den Berg on 24 March 2013:

Leuuuuk! Zo groot seg wauw :D

Gravatar judith

Reply judith on 24 March 2013:

Que maravilla de zapatos!!

Gravatar Denysia Yu

Reply Denysia Yu on 24 March 2013:

Gravatar blackberryfashion

Reply blackberryfashion on 25 March 2013:

Gravatar Caroline Topperman

Reply Caroline Topperman on 25 March 2013:

I could happily move in there!

Gravatar The Viewfinder | Kevin van Diest

Reply The Viewfinder | Kevin van Diest on 25 March 2013:

Hey Lima, gaaf om te zien joh. Dat moet wel leuk zijn zo'n winkel ...alleen al om te zien hoe gek die vrouwen bezig zijn met al die schoenen hahah.

Nieuwe schoenen gekocht? Die wedges zijn echt gaaf ja.

Besides the shoes ziet er weer goed uit, mooie dame;)


Gravatar Bex Doctor

Reply Bex Doctor on 25 March 2013:

Must be heaven for you. I love the interior too!

Gravatar kissandmakeupsbeautyblog

Reply kissandmakeupsbeautyblog on 25 March 2013:

Shoooooooeeeeees :-) Mooie foto's!

Gravatar Domenic

Reply Domenic on 25 March 2013:

I need to keep on reminding myself to get some uggs


Gravatar Coline Chavaroche

Reply Coline Chavaroche on 25 March 2013:

Heaven on earth :)


Coline ♡

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 25 March 2013:

Hi Lovelies, Thank you for your sweet comments! Yes, it really was heaven for me hahahahah:)I bought one pair of high heels, I'll show it later on the blog! Big love to you all xxx

Gravatar Paula Shoe-fiend

Reply Paula Shoe-fiend on 25 March 2013:

OMG!!! Do you realize how jealous I am of you right now!!? Soo many shoes, so little time!!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Gravatar Sasha Suresh

Reply Sasha Suresh on 25 March 2013:

I would be running around like a kid as well. Lol. I love shoes!!! And you look gorgeous as usual :)

Gravatar Ary Fang Gutz

Reply Ary Fang Gutz on 25 March 2013:

Hola Guapixima!
Me ha encantado el post! No olvides visitar mi blog y participar en el sorteo.
Un besazoOo!

Gravatar Beatrice Crivelli

Reply Beatrice Crivelli on 25 March 2013:

Thanks so much for your comment dear :) I'm already following you on Bloglovin and I just "liked" your Facebook page! Hope you have the chance to drop by and to the same if you like!


Gravatar Jana Haus

Reply Jana Haus on 25 March 2013:

Hey guys, i'm currently doing a survey on blog readers for my bachelor thesis. You would help me a lot if you could take 5 minutes of your time to answer the questions:
Thank you so much! Love, Jana

Gravatar Kate Coleman

Reply Kate Coleman on 26 March 2013:

1000m2 of shoes - I am light headed just thinking about it - absolute heaven!

Hope you have had a lovely start to your week.

Kate x
Kate at Home

Gravatar libys11

Reply libys11 on 26 March 2013:

Gravatar Emily Goswick

Reply Emily Goswick on 26 March 2013:

oh my goodness. I agree. I'm drooling over here! I think I saw like 50 pairs I loved!

And I love your blog girl! You are so beautiful! Would you like to follow each other??

The Rancher's Daughter

Gravatar anoddgirl

Reply anoddgirl on 26 March 2013:

you look gorgeous
and the shoe store looks huge! :D
i followed you back on bloglovin

Gravatar LOSAWAY

Reply LOSAWAY on 26 March 2013:

wow! this place is the paradise :)

Gravatar Dania Carbonini

Reply Dania Carbonini on 27 March 2013:

This place is the paradise!!!
I want to live here!



Gravatar Jonas Deweer

Reply Jonas Deweer on 27 March 2013:

Zolang er schoenen zijn kan er niet veel misgaan he ;)
Je haar is ook echt prachtig!

Gravatar JESSICA

Reply JESSICA on 27 March 2013:

I'm following you darling!
Love your blog and you are so so sweet :)
- Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog :)

Hugs Jessica

Gravatar s

Reply s on 27 March 2013:

Gravatar A.

Reply A. on 27 March 2013:

OMG! this place is AMAZING!!!!! I love sneakers! :)

- A.

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 29 March 2013:

Zaaaaaalig baybie!!!! woman's paradise!!!!! mijn hart gaat al sneller slaan door de foto's alleen ツ really love this posted babe!!!! doe je goeeeeed!!!!!! Liefs vanes♥♥♥

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 29 March 2013:

Super leuk!!! Wat ben jij toch een gelukzak!..ik wil die leopard schoentjes x

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 29 March 2013:

Hey bedankt iedereen voor de lieve woordjes!!!! Altijd fijn om te lezen hihihi :) Inderdaad het was echt een top dag, 120 verschillende schoen merken op 1 verdiep, is echt om zot van te worden! Ik probeer jullie allemaal 1 per 1 persoonlijk te beantwoorden! Beloofd ;) Tot snel! Dikke knuffels, Lima xxx

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 29 March 2013:

Thank you all so much for all your sweet comments! I love to read your opinions :) I see that everybody thinks like me hahahah, happy to hear that friends! Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it! Have a lovely evening!! Lima xxx

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