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A week ago I had a shoot with a young Belgium photographer, Els Vanopstal. That day I woke up, took a shower, put my daycream on and I choosed a 1 minute outfit! When I arrived she said to me; "Perfect! We can go and take some natural pictures outside" and I was like; " Without make-up??? Not even concealer to hide my imperfections??? Nothing at all?? Can I brush at least my hair???" (You know how we girls are) She told me: " Nothing at all, just you natural that's all I need". I did what she asked without complaining and we had a very nice shooting day together. So when she sent me an email with the pictures I couldn't wait to see the result! A shooting without any make-up and wild hair how will it look like?? Personally I loved it! I loved the black&white pictures, the natural attitudes, that little windy in my hair, the backgrounds, ...I just love her work! Thank you again "Els Vanopstal" for that lovely day and hope to see you soon for a new coorperation!
La semaine passée j'avais un shooting avec une jeune photographe belge Els Vanopstal. Ce jour là je me suis réveillée, j'ai pris une douche, j'ai appliqué ma crème de jour et j'ai mis les premiers vêtements qui me tapais a l'oeil! Quand je suis arrivée elle m'a dit: 'Parfait, on peux y aller tout de suite" Je lui ai demandée "Comme ça??? Sans rien??? Même pas un peu de anti-cernes pour masquer les imperfections?? Puis-je au moins soigner un peu mes cheveux?? Elle m'a répondu; "Non comme ça c'est super, juste toi au naturel". J'ai suivi ses conseils sans rouspeter et nous avons passé une très bonne journée. Hier soir elle m'a énvoyé un mail avec les photos et quand j'ai vu le résultat j'étais super contente! J'ai adoré ce style noir&blanc, ses arrières plans, les pauses naturel, ce petit côté sauvage, etc. J'ai tout simplement adoré son travail! Alors voici, je partage ces photos avec vous en esperant que vous apprécierez!
I'm wearing:
New Look blouse
H&M short
Havaianas sandals
Photographed by Els Vanopstal.

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Gravatar Mehdia

Reply Mehdia on 02 September 2012:

I love this freshfaced natural look!! It really shows, you never need make up, you are pretty on your own! And when I see your Havaianas, I'm very very sure you didnt think at all about your look, because those flip flops are like your best friend, taking them everywhere you go ;)

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 02 September 2012:

Hhahahahah baby!!!!Yeah you know me so good now hahahahha, yes I really have to say it, HAVAIANAS are my best friends!!!It's crazy but I really take them everywhere with me!!! They are so comfy ;) Big Love darling, hope to see you soon for new adventures!!!!

Gravatar Miki

Reply Miki on 02 September 2012:

Jij hebt geen make-up nodig ;) natural beauty!
Love the natural nude look! X

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 03 September 2012:

Dank je wel lieverd!!!Dikke knuffels en tot snel xxx

Gravatar Naima

Reply Naima on 27 January 2013:

Can you post something about which hair products you use?
Thanks a lot!

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 04 February 2013:

Hi Naima, no problem!
I would do it this week, so have a look at my blog sometimes ;)I hope it will help you, kisses xxx LIMA

Gravatar Els

Reply Els on 23 March 2013:

Ha I just discovered this by accident! What a nice surprise! :) It was lovely shooting with you! Xxx

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