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I’m so ready to put away my boots and slip on a pair of sandals. Warmer days can’t come soon enough! When it finally warms up, gladiator sandals will always be my first choice. I will dress them up and down all summer long. From sleek heels to girl next door flats, the selection of gladiator sandals this season is endless. I combined mine with a DELEYE lace jumpsuit (here) and a Zara denim jacket. This look turned out to be very free-spirited, nonchalant and cool. Hope you like the result ;)

Tellement hâte de mettre mes boots et mes baskets de côté pour des sandales! En ce qui me concerne, j’adore porter des sandales gladiateurs en été! Cette fois-ci j’ai jeté mon dévolu sur ce modèle de Pinko. Ce qui est top c’est que ces modèles estivaux sont super faciles à combiner. Portez les avec un petit short, une mini-jupe, une robe ou une combi comme moi. Le choix est vaste, du moment que vous oubliez le pantalon. Belle journée à vous -x-

Finalmente sono pronta a mettere via stivali e scarpe chiuse, e tirare fuori tutti i miei sandali. Ora che è arrivato il caldo, non vedo l'ora di sfoggiare i miei sandali alla schiava, il mio modello preferito! Col tacco altissimo o ultra piatti, quest'estate c'è solo l'imbarazzo della scelta. In queste foto li ho abbinato con un jumpsuit in pizzo di DELEYE e una giacca di jeans di Zara. È un outfit semplice ma comunque stiloso. A voi che ne pare!







Jumpsuit: DELEYE here - Sandals: PINKO - Jacket: ZARA - Sunglasses: DIOR - Bag: GUCCI - Bracelet: BALENCIAGA.


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Gravatar Leniliz Ornellas

Reply Leniliz Ornellas on 14 September 2016:

Hi beautiful womannnn! I love your jacket, super cool.

Gravatar Rosa

Reply Rosa on 14 September 2016:

Such a cool look! I'm loving the slip dress.

Gravatar Fashionandcash

Reply Fashionandcash on 14 September 2016:

Nice rock sexy style...

Gravatar Eni

Reply Eni on 14 September 2016:

Gravatar Sukey

Reply Sukey on 14 September 2016:

As Charlie Sheen says, this article is "WNINING!"

Gravatar Adelynn Pang

Reply Adelynn Pang on 14 September 2016:
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