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posted 9 years ago, on

juiste bril222222

Hi Ladies! When winter comes around, I go “dark”. I got a little obsessed with total black looks these days and have been purchasing only black and grey recently. But let’s face the truth, black is always chic and never the least SLIMMING. :D I wore this outfit yesterday, it was quite chilly in the evening so I went for a fluffy sweater dress and cardigan by Pinko combined with my over-the-knee boots. Normally I'm not a big fan of turtleneck sweaters but this dress has caught my eyes immediately. I love the chunkiness of it and it feels so cozy. Anyway ladies, hope you enjoy the pictures and you all have a lovely week!

Salut les filles! Quand l’hiver approche, j’opte toujours pour des couleurs “sombres”. Je suis un peu obsédée par le noir et d’ailleurs ces derniers jours j’ai acheté uniquement des tons foncés. Mais voyons la vérité en face, le noir est toujours si chic et en plus il AMINCIT. :D J’ai porté cette tenue hier, il faisait assez froid le soir donc j’ai choisi une robe pelucheuse avec son gilet de la marque Pinko combiné avec mes cuissardes. J’espère que vous apprécier les photos et que vous passez toutes une belle semaine! Gros bisous -x-

Buongiorno ragazze! Quando arriva l'inverno, io mi trasformo in una "dark". Non riesco a resistere a un outfit total black, e ultimamente sto comprando un sacco di capi scuri! Ma diciamocela tutta: il nero è sempre elegante, e poi snellisce! Ecco come mi sono vestita ieri. Siccome faceva abbastanza freddo, ho optato per questo bel cardigan pesante di Pinko, abbinato ai miei adorati stivali fin sopra il ginocchio. Non sono un'amante dei maglioni con il collo alto, ma appena ho visto questo vestitino nero, non ho resistito: è morbidissimo e comodissimo. Che mi dite del risultato finale? Spero che vi piaccia. Vi auguro una fantastica settimana!





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Gravatar Melissa De Booser

Reply Melissa De Booser on 08 December 2015:

Super mooi look, zot op de laarzen en het kleedje.


Reply 09 December 2015:

Love this total black look very much. Perfect style <3



Reply 09 December 2015:

Oh super leuke outfit.
Ik ga zeker eens gaan piepen bij Pinko!



Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 19 December 2015:

Gorgeous look ❤

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