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Hello ladies! How was your weekend? You already saw me wearing this fringe jacket and wedges

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Hello ladies! How was your weekend? You already saw me wearing this fringe jacket and wedges by Essentiel in a previous post here. So in love with this vest. I could wear it every day! :D Luckily there is my husband to remind me when I'm abusing! ;) I combined it with a lovely flowy girly dress by Women'Secret and my new Louis Vuitton bag. It turned out to be a kinda festival look. Hope you like it. Love -x-

Salut les filles! J'espère que vous avez passé un bon weekend! Vous m'avez déjà vue avec cette veste à franges d'Essentiel ici. Je l'adore tout simplement! Je pourrais la porter tous les jours car elle est tellement stylée et facile. Je l'ai combinée avec une petite robe fluide très girly de Women'Secret et mon nouveau sac Louis Vuitton. J'espère que cela vous plaît. Bisous -x-

Ciao ragazze, come è andato il week end? Vi ho già mostrato questa giacca con le frange di Essentiel in un altro post, quindi avete già capito che non me posso fare a meno. Fosse per me la metterei tutti i giorni, ma per fortuna mio marito mi avvisa quando esagero! Oggi l'ho abbinata a un vestitino di Women'Secret e alla mia nuova borsa di Louis Vuitton. Il risultati è un outfit adattissimo per un festival. Che ve ne pare? Un abbraccio e a presto -x-

in orde



warm maken

Jacket, wedges: ESSENTIEL - Dress: WOMEN'SECRET - Sunglasses: CELINE by B_OPTIEK LATEM - Bracelets: MYA BAY - - Hat: ZARA.


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Gravatar Naomi

Reply Naomi on 01 June 2015:

Wat een gave look Lima!
Moest je de jas en het handtasje ooit verkopen ;) Tell me ! :p



Reply 01 June 2015:

You really have all the looks to become a top model omg... I'm so jealous of your body and wardrobe. nice post dear
lots of hugs from fashionmadness babe ;)


Reply 01 June 2015:




Reply 05 June 2015:

J'adore!! Trop beau❤️

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