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posted 7 years ago, on

Hi Guys, I hope you had a great day. This week I was invited to a fashionshow in a new trendy place in Antwerp called "Aquano". For people into fashion, this is really 'the place to be'. They have every week a fashionshow and clients can have dinner or just a drink at the same time. How cool is that?! Going to the restaurant and enjoying a great show while your eating ;) I think it's a great concept! The beautiful dresses on the catwalk are from VK Fashion and the jewelry from Leytens. You really should have a look at their websites because they have wonderful pieces, for every budget!! I took pictures of my favourite items specially for you ;) I hope you like them ;) Enjoy!
The gorgeous models are showing us the diamants from Leytens in fabulous dresses from VK Fashion.
I really love that flower ;)
My favourite drink, Mojitooooooo ;)
Me & my Bestie <3 Taking her everywhere with me ;)
I told you the dresses were amazing!!!
My favourite item, the diamant jaguar ;)
My favourite outfit of the night! J'adore!!!
If you wonna go to Aquano here the adress:
Italiëlei 177, 2000 Antwerp
For the fantastic dresses you can go to;
And for the beautiful jewelry, have a look at;
You can also follow me on instagram @ LIMASWARDROBE
I want to thank you again for all your sweet comments! Thank you so much for reading!
I wish you all a lovely evening :)

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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Facebook Comments

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 14 March 2013:

Topavondje Sugar en weeral een voor een prachtige foto's!!!!!jij gaat het nog ver schoppen lieve schat van me!!!!! big ♥ for A fashion Angel !!!!!! vanes xxxx

Gravatar Coline Chavaroche

Reply Coline Chavaroche on 14 March 2013:

Very beautiful picture


Coline ♡

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 14 March 2013:

I like the concept. I really want to visit that place. If I was the owner I took you to show some dresses and jewelry. You're do pretty! Nice post! Waiting for the next one!

Gravatar Rebecca

Reply Rebecca on 14 March 2013:

What an awesome event! The dresses really are amazing but the jewelry really catches my eye! Fantastic pieces!


Gravatar Monica P

Reply Monica P on 15 March 2013:

I want to be the girl with the pony tail in my next life !!


Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 15 March 2013:

OMG you all look fantastic!!!! I love everything, THE Models,THE place, THE beautiful dresses and THE flower ring is my favourite! I never heard of these brands before!!! Thank you for the share, so inspiring and interesting ! I can t wait to visit their websites ;) Greetz, Charlotte Laroche x

Gravatar Eider Urkijo

Reply Eider Urkijo on 15 March 2013:

Amazing rings!! Kisses!

Gravatar libys11

Reply libys11 on 15 March 2013:

gorgeous ladies!! fancy jewelry and fabulous outfits!!! totally my kind of night!! great post, dear!!

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Gravatar Domenic

Reply Domenic on 15 March 2013:


Domenic xx

Gravatar Domenic

Reply Domenic on 15 March 2013:


Domenic xx

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 15 March 2013:

mooi post lima girl zoals altijd he;)
alleen spijtig van Aquano, te duur voor het geen je krijgt!! voor ons nooit meer!

Gravatar Dania Carbonini

Reply Dania Carbonini on 15 March 2013:

Great event, this creations are fantastic!

Have a nice day.


Gravatar judith

Reply judith on 15 March 2013:

Unos anillos preciosos!!

Gravatar Nathalie Van den Berg

Reply Nathalie Van den Berg on 15 March 2013:

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 15 March 2013:

Ziet er geweldig uit!! Wat een mooie collectie juwelen en kleedjes! Echt super! En jij straalt weer! Top lady, top post! Ariane Poels x

Gravatar Axelle

Reply Axelle on 15 March 2013:

je hebt echt een supermooie ketting aan ! :) xoxo Axelle

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 15 March 2013:

Hey Axelle, de ketting is van Zara ;)
Het was inderdaad een leuke avond, echt de moeite om eens proberen! Have a great weekend everyone!!! Lima xoxo

Gravatar Bella

Reply Bella on 15 March 2013:

Gravatar Adrielle

Reply Adrielle on 15 March 2013:

You look beautiful! And your hair looks great!

Gravatar Ary Fang Gutz

Reply Ary Fang Gutz on 15 March 2013:

Hello Lima!
  Love the post! Thanks for your visit and comment. And of course I love to follow us on facebook, twitter and blog.
A besazoOo!

Gravatar Sasha Suresh

Reply Sasha Suresh on 16 March 2013:

Love the necklace!!!!

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 16 March 2013:

Ziet er heel leuk uit! Ik wil dat blauw kleedje en die blauwe jaguar :) super mooi x Lara

Gravatar Aedan

Reply Aedan on 16 March 2013:

Wow gorgeous pics! I'm loving those rings.

Gravatar Caroline Topperman

Reply Caroline Topperman on 17 March 2013:

I love the lighting in these pictures!

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 18 March 2013:

Jouw ombre haar is geweldig!!! De juwelen zijn prachtig en dat kort zwart kleedje volledig mijn ding! Sarapova

Gravatar Lima Ché

Reply Lima Ché on 18 March 2013:

Dank je Sarapova! Thank you for all the sweet comments! Like I already said it was a great night with lots of beautiful things hihihi :) It's always a pleasure to read your reactions, feel free to ask questions at [email protected] ! Thanks for reading, have a lovely day :D LIMA

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