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posted 9 years ago, on

in orde

Today I’m sharing my favourite FABY nail polish shades & tricks. I purchased those recently on the new Faby webshop; The Walhalla for all the nail polish fans due to their huge collection! :D

On a daily basis I’m wearing nude (Faby I Scream For Ice Cream!) or white (Faby Sugarful) nail polish. It will suit every look, but still gives that flirty and fresh summer touch, in contrary to a dark color. So when you’re on the run and don’t know which color to choose, go light! Stylish and safe. But of course like every girl I can definitely appreciate a pop of color like this coral (Faby Not To Miss A Trick!) and blue (Faby The Dance Of The Graces) shades.

There is no secret, you can't have a perfect manicure without a good base and top coat. I'm using the Faby Nail Renew as first layer, then 2 layers of nail polish and as last the musthave Faby Top Coat Fast Dry who is just incredible! As I'm having very dry nails the Faby Nails & Cuticles Oil Pen with vitamine e is the perfect solution.

Good to know about the Faby Nail Renew; it's a nail strengthener and THE first unique anti-aging care with a multiple effect that provides 7 benefits: strengthens, stimulates growth, hardens, smoothes, hydrates, nourishes, protects and gives shine. The efficiency has been clinically tested and after a daily use of 3 weeks the nails are repaired and moisturized. A real must-have product! ;)
Probably a lot of you are keeping their nail polish in the fridge? Don't worry, I did it also for a very long time. But now you'll learn that it's so bad! You need to keep your nail polish on a normal temperature. When the texture of your nail polish isn't what it should be, no problem: put one drop of the Faby Nail Lacquer Thinner and it will be like NEW. :) With this beauty post I hope you will nail the trends this sunny season. Love, Lima -x-





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Gravatar Morgan Keuster

Reply Morgan Keuster on 18 June 2015:

Echt leuk dat nude op jou! Ik heb de blauwe al ;)
Groetjes x

Gravatar DressedLikeAFashionVictim

Reply DressedLikeAFashionVictim on 18 June 2015:

Love this post so much. It's the first time I hear about Faby.
I will check it out. Greetz oxo


Reply 18 June 2015:

Echt gelijk heb je.
Nude is de ideale kleur voor elke dag.
Wit is ook heel mooi. Leuk dat je deze post met ons deelt.
Tot snel.

Lindsey B.


Reply 18 June 2015:

Faby is the best!

Love - Cruzy

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