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bewerkte foto

Hello Beauties! Time again for a beauty post. Today I'm showing my new favorites. The MODERN MUSE fragrance, soft and feminine but equally strong and dynamic. The first time I heard about it, the name grabbed my attention. I also felt immediately in love with the appearance; the combination of the petal pink and the chic bow perfectly placed at the top of the bottle. To me, Modern Muse is the perfect marriage of the heavy, woody, musky scents I adore. The floral scent are so understated, light and elegant in this perfume that I feel like frolicking through a field of jasmine and lilies. As this is an Eau de Parfum, the scent lingers and stays strong throughout the day. This one will be my companion for a long time. ;)

The PURE COLOR ENVY SCULPTING EYESHADOW 5-COLOR PALETTE are timeless nude shades for a perfect finished look. Available in 6 different colour combinations, the palettes are designed to be used wet or dry depending on your desired intensity and they are drop-dead gorgeous! The lighter tones provide a lifting and illuminating effect, while the midtones shapes and contours. From now on with just one palette I can make different make-up looks. You’ve got to check these out.

My addiction for red really became an obsession since I discovered the Carnal lipstick of the ROUGES SCULPTANTS PURE COLOR ENVY collection. It's a warm red, slightly orange color that gives the lips more volume. The texture is light, creamy and provides immediately a long lasting hydration. I've always been a huge fan of Estée Lauder and today I'm showing you again why. ;) Big kisses to you all my loves!

Buongiorno mie care. Il post di oggi sarà tutto all’insegna della bellezza. Vi mostrerò i miei prodotti preferiti. MODERN MUSE: è una fragranza delicata e femminile ma decisa e dinamica allo stesso tempo. PURE COLOR ENVY SCULPTING EYESHADOW: è una paletta di 5 ombretti dalle tonalità neutre. Possono essere applicati sia asciutti che bagnati, per un effetto più intenso e deciso. Io lo trovo un prodotto rivoluzionario per la sua texture vellutata, quasi cremosa. ROUGES SCULPTANTS PURE COLOR ENVY: ora che ho scoperto questo rossetto, non posso più farne a meno! Il colore caldo e pieno, dai toni quasi aranciati, ha un effetto volumizzante. Ha una texture leggera, è molto idratante e a lunga tenuta. Spero che questi consigli vi possano essere utili. Un abbraccio forte!

Salut les filles! Au'jourd'hui je vous montre mes nouveaux coups de coeur. J'ai préféré élaborer mon texte en anglais pour éviter que ce post devient trop ennuyeux pour vous. Estée Lauder ne m'a encore jamais déçue et ci-dessus je vous raconte pourquoi. Bonne lecture! Lima <3





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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar Andore

Reply Andore on 16 October 2014:

Tu es superbe avec ce makeup!
J'adore ton look! Canon comme dab ;)


Reply 16 October 2014:

Oh die lipstick is zo mooi, hij staat je beeldig.
Wat een leuke producten, ben ook heel benieuwd naar de parfum.
Bedankt om dit te delen met ons.
Veel kusjes van fam Roosen X

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 16 October 2014:

Hmmm, curieuse de sentir ce Modern Muze. Temps de faire un petit tour à Inno ;)
Eh oui, je préfère toujourd d'essayer un produit avant... S'il me plaît, je n'hésite pas.
Magnifique photo! Comme d'habitude d'ailleurs!!!

Continuez à partager vos secrets de beautés avec nous! <3

Gravatar Dressing in Labels

Reply Dressing in Labels on 17 October 2014:

Wow de kleur van de lippenstift staat je super goed! het parfum flesje is echt mooi!

Gravatar JS

Reply JS on 17 October 2014:

Mooi mooi


Reply 18 October 2014:

This makeup looks great on you.
You look wonderful with these colors.
Perfect combinations of colors.
Sending you a lot of kisses


Reply 18 October 2014:

Deze oogschaudw kleur is echt heel mooi.
Ook de lipkleur staat je beeldig.
Ik vraag me gewoon af of deze op mijn witte huid ook zo mooi zou zijn? :)
Alvast bedankt om jouw beauty secrets met ons te delen.


Sana De Roeck


Reply 18 October 2014:

Perfect look, beautiful girl!
Check out my new look, thnks!


Reply 18 October 2014:

Trop beau, j'adore ton haut aussi ;)
Gros bisous ma jolie,

Smahane x

Gravatar Eyes Painted Black

Reply Eyes Painted Black on 18 October 2014:

Oehh, zo mooi! Ik heb nog nooit een lippenstift van Estée Lauder geprobeerd, dus ik ben wel benieuwd ^^

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