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Happy Wednesday guys! A quick post before I'm off to my second job

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Happy Wednesday guys! A quick post before I'm off to my second job. Today's outfit is something more casual with a pop of red. So, I went for a bomber jacket by LE VOLIERE and a red leather legging paired with some loafers. Red is still one of my favourite clothing colors. What about you? I wish you an amazing week with your beloved Ones! Take care -x-

Bon mercredi les filles! Vite un poste avant d'aller au travail. Voici mon ensemble d'aujourd'hui, un look assez confortable. J'ai combiné ma nouvelle veste LE VOLIERE avec un legging rouge et une paire de loafers. Question vestimentaire le rouge reste une de mes couleurs préférées. Qu'en pensez-vous? Je vous souhaite une superbe semaine. Gros bisou-x-

Buon mercoledì, ragazze! Scrivo un post veloce, prima di uscire per i lavoro. Ieri ho voluto vestirmi con uno stile molto casual e un tocco di rosso. Così ho indossato una giacca tipo bomber di LE VOLIERE, un paio di leggings in pelle rossa e dei mocassini. Il rosso è uno dei miei colori preferiti. Che ne dite? Vi auguro un fantastico fine settimana. Un abbraccio! Lima -x-


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Jacket, tee: LE VOLIERE - Pants: DNA - Loafers: GEOX - Sunglasses: D&G - Bracelet: BALENCIAGA - Bag: CHANEL.

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Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 25 March 2015:

Another awesome outfit! Another favourite! That pants is a must have. That jacket is sooo cool, the bag, glasses and loafers are top too! I love it! ♥

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 25 March 2015:

And the tee is awesome too! ♥

Gravatar SJ

Reply SJ on 25 March 2015:

Heel mooie outfit weeral;))
Keep on going Lima xxx

Gravatar LindaLibraLoca

Reply LindaLibraLoca on 25 March 2015:

Gravatar fasonique

Reply fasonique on 25 March 2015:

I love your photos and outfits! You look georgeous in different styles :-)

Gravatar Jenessa

Reply Jenessa on 26 March 2015:

Wow girl you are flawless and so is your blog! SO glad I stumbled upon it. Beautiful.

Gravatar Mademoisellevi

Reply Mademoisellevi on 26 March 2015:

Mega fan de ce look
Ta veste est super originale <3
Et quoi de mieux que ce look pour être chic ET confortable? ^^

Gravatar The Fashion Panda

Reply The Fashion Panda on 27 March 2015:

Gravatar Barbara

Reply Barbara on 27 March 2015:

NEW BLOG POST!! Today I bring you the recipe of “STRAWBERRIE & MILK CHOCOLATE MUFFINS” – Delicious recipe to eat with your tea or coffee!! Check it out!!

Gravatar KGichunge

Reply KGichunge on 30 March 2015:

....and this is why I faithfully follow you.


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