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Lima's Wardrobe Good morning, everyone! I have to admit that I'm afraid of many things, such as thunder, heights, insects, truck drivers haha and so much more..

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Good morning, everyone! I have to admit that I'm afraid of many things, such as thunder, heights, insects, truck drivers haha and so much more... However I'm totally fearless when it comes to fashion. I have never been afraid to be myself, even though people look weird at me sometimes. :) I like to experiment with styles, make unusual combinations, find something innovative to wear, push the boundaries and be different. To me fashion is all about imagination and expressing myself. I always follow my instincts! I'm the kind of person that would wear bright red lipstick with converse shoes to a football game or sequins to the grocery store... just like I did today :D During daytime I love pairing this O'Rèn sequin skirt with some sneakers and at night with some funky heels. Adding a touch of sequins to your outfit is the perfect way to glam it up! Dare to sparkle a little brighter darlings ;) Have an amazing day!

Hello les filles! Je rêvais d'une jupe sequin depuis bien longtemps! Filles à papa en a sorti quelques modèles mais hors de question de mettre 600€ pour une jupe, lol. Du coup j'ai patienté un peu en espérant d'en croisé une à prix raisonable. Et tadaaam... grâce à la marque O'Rèn j'ai enfin trouvé cette petite merveille! Je l'ai combinée avec une chemise rayée avec un rappel des paillettes sur les manches. C'est une tenue que j'ai mis pour aller faire des courses mais je la mettrais tout autant pour une soirée avec des talons. Le résultat finale, est un look mode, confortable et tout à fait mon style. J'espère que cela vous plaît au tant que moi. Gros bisous!

Buongiorno! Lo ammetto: sono una fifona e ho paura di un sacco di cose, come i temporali, l'altezza, gli insetti, i camionisti e tante altre ancora! Ma quando si parla di moda, beh non c'è niente che mi spaventi! Non ho mai temuto di essere fuori luogo, anche se a volte qualcuno mi guarda in modo strano! Adoro sperimentare, fare abbinamenti insoliti, trovare nuovi modi di indossare capi diversi e spingermi al limite. Con la moda esprimo me stessa e scateno la fantasia. Guardate il mio outfit di oggi, ad esempio! Per il giorno ho abbinato questa gonna di paillettes a un paio di sneakers, e per la sera invece basta indossare un bel paio di scarpe con il tacco. Le paillettes sono perfette per dare un tocco in più a ogni look. Ragazze, osate anche voi! Buona giornata!





Outfit: O'REN OFFICIAL here - Sneakers: FIAMME here - Sock's: H&M - Ring: SWAROVSKI here.


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Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 21 March 2016:

I ❤ that O'Ren outfit! Shine, Lima, shine! ????????????????

Gravatar Nena

Reply Nena on 21 March 2016:

Ik ben helemaal weg van die outfit! Super!!

Gravatar Rani C

Reply Rani C on 21 March 2016:

Super mooi Lima Waaaaw :D

Gravatar bambam

Reply bambam on 21 March 2016:

love how you have combined elegant with sporty! always fab

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