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Lima's Wardrobe Hello Lovies! I just came back from Paris Fashion Week

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Hello Lovies! I just came back from Paris Fashion Week. I had such a busy time over there, running from a show to an other. At the end of the day I was über-exhausted, not to mention that I broke records by wearing high heels every day. Happily I took all my comfy Steve Madden heels with me (here). The first evening I went to the opening of Delvaux's new boutique in the center of Paris. I went to my favourite shop COSI COSI in Antwerp (here) to get some new clothes. This dress caught my eyes immediately. I was eagerly excited to try it on. And there I had it: it fit me just like a glove... ;) I combined it with my beautiful Delvaux iconic bag. Enjoy the pictures! Lima <3

Bonjour les filles! Je viens de rentrer de la Fashion Week Parisienne. Ce fut une semaine intense mais très enrichissante. Dieu merci j'avais mes confortables talons de Steve Madden (ici) qui m'ont permis de parcourir les différents shows. Le premier soir j'ai été invité à l'inauguration de la nouvelle boutique Delvaux, une vraie merveille! Pour l'occasion je me suis fait une virée de shopping chez COSI COSI à Anvers (ici). J'ai eu un coup de coeur pour cette robe à paillettes que j'ai, bien sûr, combiné avec mon magnifique Brillant de Delvaux. En espérant de vous avoir fait un peu rêver de la ville lumière, je vous embrasse et vous dit à bientôt. Lima xxx

Buongiorno ragazze! Ne è passato di tempo… ma ho una buona motivazione. Sono appena tornata dalla Settimana della Moda di Parigi. Sono stati giornate frenetiche, ho corso da una sfilata all’altra e ogni sera arrivavo in albergo sempre più stanca. Per non parlare del fatto che ho dovuto portare i tacchi praticamente sempre. Per fortuna avevo portato le scarpe di Steve Madden, che nonostante l’altezza sono comode. La prima sera sono stata all’inaugurazione della nuova boutique di Delvaux, in centro a Parigi. Per l’occasione ero stata nel mio negozio preferito ad Antwerp, COSI COSI, a fare un po’ di shopping. Questo vestito mi ha subito colpita, e quando l’ho provato ho capito immediatamente che lo avrei comprato! L’ho abbinato alla meravigliosa borsa di Delvaux. Che ne dite? Godetevi le fotografie. Un abbraccio, Lima







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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar wlqihztrnf

Replywlqihztrnf on 02 October 2014:

Bonjour ParisLima's Wardrobe

Gravatar Kiwifashionblog

ReplyKiwifashionblog on 02 October 2014:

What a classic and elegant look to rock FW! Love the open back and all th detailed in the fabric texture and design! You look beautiful and glad you can take a breather break after a world whirl FW!!

Gravatar Wendy Watson

ReplyWendy Watson on 02 October 2014:


Reply02 October 2014:

Limaaaaaaaa you are beautifullllll!!!!
I adore this look, fabulous!!!



Reply02 October 2014:

oh dat kleedje en die handtas zijn geweldig!
Deze handtas is echt een droom!

Gravatar Sandra

ReplySandra on 02 October 2014:

Paris c'est la plus ville.
J'adore ton style et tu es merveilleuse.
Ce fut un plaisir de passer, et ton sac je l'adore!

Sandro Di Pullo

Gravatar Irina

ReplyIrina on 03 October 2014:

This post is so beautiful.
I adore this dress on your body curves.
The heels are very stylish also.
Come and check out my new post if you want ;)

Gravatar Margot De Braecke

ReplyMargot De Braecke on 03 October 2014:

Wat een mooi kleedje heb je aan.
De schoentjes staan er heel mooi bij.
Ik ga zeker eens gaan kijken bij Cosi cosi.

Bedankt voor de mooie inspiratie die je ons elke dag geeft.

Groetjes uit Mol x

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

ReplyElke Meirlaen on 03 October 2014:

Splendid! I love the whole ensemble. Magnificent! ♡♥♡


Reply03 October 2014:

T splendide Lima!!
J'adore ton sac et tes jambes de malade HAH
Canon comme dab!

Gravatar Paola

ReplyPaola on 03 October 2014:


Reply03 October 2014:

I want that bag! One of the most beautiful bags I've ever seen! <3

Lola from

Gravatar Bo

ReplyBo on 04 October 2014:

Wauw! Amazing look! Can i buy this dress online?

Gravatar Ruby Ross

ReplyRuby Ross on 04 October 2014:

This is gorgeous Lima! The silver detailing on the dress is amazing! XOXO, Ruby

Gravatar Eni

ReplyEni on 05 October 2014:

I don't have a are beautiful with this dress!!!! Kisses,

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Replyナイキ エアジョーダン on 06 October 2014:

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ナイキ エアジョーダン

Gravatar エアジョーダン

Replyエアジョーダン on 06 October 2014:

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Bonjour ParisLima's Wardrobe

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