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Hi Babes! When winter comes around, I go "dark". I got a little obsessed with total black looks these days and have been purchasing only black and grey recently. But let's face the truth, black is always chic and never the least SLIMMING. :D I wore this outfit yesterday, it was quite chilly in the evening so I chose for an oversized sweater dress and a peluche bomber jacket by GAELLE BONHEUR here & here. I combined it with my favourite over-the-knee boots by LA POMME DE LOVELEY here. This dress has caught my eyes immediately. I love the chunkiness of it, it feels so cozy and looks great with leather. Anyway ladies, hope you enjoy the pictures and you all have a lovely week!

Salut les filles! Quand l'hiver approche, j'opte toujours pour des couleurs "sombres". Je suis un peu obsédée par le noir et d'ailleurs ces derniers jours j'ai acheté uniquement des tons foncés. Mais voyons la vérité en face, le noir est toujours si chic et en plus il AMINCIT. :D J'ai porté cette tenue hier, il faisait assez froid le soir donc j'ai choisi une robe/pull surdimensionnée avec un blouson de GAELLE BONHEUR ici et mes cuissardes préférées de LA POMME DE LOVELEY ici. J'éspère que vous appréciez les photos et que vous passez toutes une belle semaine!

Ciao fanciulle! È ufficiale: in inverno preferisco le cose scure. Sono fissata con i look total black e ultimamente ho comprato solo abiti e accessori neri e grigi. Diciamo la verità, con il nero non si sbaglia mai e poi SNELLISCE! :D Ecco come mi sono vestita ieri (anche perchè faceva freschino): maglia oversize di GAELLE BONHEUR e stivali sopra il ginocchio di LA POMME DE LOVELEY. Appena l'ho visto, mi sono subito inamorata di questo abito. Forse perché è bello pesante e molto comodo, e poi trovo che stia benissimo abbinato alla pelle. Spero che piaccia anche a voi. Buona settimana a tutte! Lima -x-





Sweater, jacket: GAELLE BONHEUR - Boots: LA POMME DE LOVELEY - Clutch: SL - Bracelet: HERMES - Rings: H&M - Sunglasses: VOGUE.


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Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 11 November 2014:

Beautiful! J'adore! ♡♡♡


Reply 13 November 2014:

This outfit is amazing, you are really killin it babe!
Keep up the good work. Lina x

Gravatar Fashionladscape

Reply Fashionladscape on 13 November 2014:

Stunning like always.
This outfit is perfection.
Every detail is great in this look.
Really loving it.

Gravatar Lena Amit

Reply Lena Amit on 13 November 2014:

Lima girl your blog is always so inspiring to me.
Came to say hello again and that I still follow your blog.

Greetz from Lena, Israel x

Gravatar Sara Ait

Reply Sara Ait on 13 November 2014:

Ce haut et cette robe te vont a merveille!! Les bottes je suis tomber amoureuse!! Jadore tellment!! Jadore!!


Reply 13 November 2014:

You smashing hot sexyness all the way!
The Belgium Gisele!


Reply 13 November 2014:

Just discovered your blog and I really love it.
Come and check out mine when you have a second.


Reply 13 November 2014:

You beauty!
Was super leuk je eens te ontmoeten!
Je zag er weer stralend uit!
Heel toffe look trouwens!
Dikke kus, Sofia met de leuke glitter bag ;) you know!


Reply 13 November 2014:

Tu es vraimen extraordinaire et toujours aussi rayonnante. Jai adorer bosser avec toi a Londres. Jespere te revoir bientot jolie. Prend soin de toi et a tres bientot. Annelore de

Gravatar Borcht Nathalie

Reply Borcht Nathalie on 13 November 2014:

Hoi Lima, je hebt mail kan je eens kijken. Dank je :)


Reply 13 November 2014:

Very Nice X


Reply 13 November 2014:

Altijd weer zo mooi.

Suzy :))))))

Gravatar The Fashion Panda

Reply The Fashion Panda on 14 November 2014:

Gravatar Birte Govarts

Reply Birte Govarts on 15 November 2014:

Staat je super! Ben stiekem héél jaloers op je tas :-).

Gravatar America

Reply America on 11 December 2020:

I love this information you shared with us. I am waiting for your next post. Keep it up. What a great idea! thanks. :)

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