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Hi Babes! How is your week so far!? As for me... Well, I'm spending the whole week with my lovely little sisters. We are enjoying every second together. Yesterday we went to the cinema to see the 'Ninja Turtles'. When I was young it was one of my favorite kids movies. Tomorow we will have ’a cupcake activity' at home and have some great burgers. :D But today I'm showing you what I was wearing for a business appointment just before heading to the movie. All black with some sequin to glam up the outfit. Adding a touch of blingbling is my favourite way to spice up an ensemble. I hope you like it! Big hugs to you all <3

Salut les girls! Comment allez-vous? Moi je passe toute la semaine avec mes petites sœurs. Nous profitons de chaque seconde ensemble. Hier, nous sommes allées au cinéma pour voir le film 'Ninja Turtles'. Quand j’étais jeune c'était un de mes dessins animés préférés. Demain sera une journée cupcake à la maison et ensuite soirée hamburgers. :D Mais aujourd'hui je vous montre ce que je portais pour un rendez-vous d'affaires juste avant le cinéma. Un ensemble noir avec une touche de paillettes. Ajouter un peu de blingbling est ma façon préférée de pimenter une tenue. J'éspère que cela vous plaît. Gros bisous à vous toutes <3

Ciao ragazze, come ve la passate? Io alla grande! Questa settimana sono venute a trovarmi le mie sorelline e ci stiamo godendo ogni minuto che passiamo insieme. Ieri siamo andate al cinema a vedere il “ Tartarughe Ninja”, che era uno dei miei film preferiti di quando ero piccola io! Domani ci dedicheremo alla cucina e prepareremo cupcake e hamburger. :D Ora però voglio mostrarvi il mio outfit per l’appuntamento di lavoro che avevo fissato prima del film. Ho deciso di andare sul sicuro con un look total balck e qualche pailette per un tocco glamour: adoro i dettagli brillanti! Voi che ne dite? Un abbraccio forte a tutte quante! Lima -x-






Blouse, jeans: LE TEMPS DES CERISES - Blazer: ELLA LUNA - Heels: VALENTINO - Bag: LA POMME DE LOVELEY - Bracelets: MYA BAY - Sunglasses: VOGUE.


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Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 30 October 2014:

From head to toe WOW! WOW! WOW! <3 <3 <3

Gravatar Sara

Reply Sara on 31 October 2014:

Waaaw this looks so good!!
I adore this outfit girl x
Smashing hot like always!!

Sara from


Reply 31 October 2014:

Lima je straalt op deze foto's.
Altijd zo stijlvol en klasse.
You rock girl!

Lana van Liu Jo shopping nicht ;)


Reply 31 October 2014:

The bag, jacket and blazer are great.
Fab as always. Stunner!

Check out my new post, thanks!


Reply 31 October 2014:

Belissima! Echt een plaatje.
Enjoy the weekend!!

Gravatar Stephanie Belles

Reply Stephanie Belles on 01 November 2014:

woow! Love your blog! :)
Nice outfit, nice blazer!


Gravatar Eni

Reply Eni on 01 November 2014:

Beh, cosa dire oltre che sei perfetta???? Con queste scarpe poi ancora di più!!! Baci,


Reply 02 November 2014:

Ce look est magnifique.
Gros bisous, Anna x

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