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Hi Girls! Today I want to share a highly requested post. As so many of you asked me about my beauty essentials I thought it was time to share my favourites of the moment and my absolutely 'must haves'. - Buongiorno ragazze! Il post di oggi è tutto dedicato ai prodotti di bellezza, visto che in molte mi avete chiesto quali sono quelli di cui proprio non posso fare a meno. Eccovi tutte accontentate: qui troverete i miei prodotti preferiti per la cura della pelle e qualche altra chicca della quale mi fido ciecamente. Provare per credere. - Salut les filles! Aujourd'hui, j'aimerais partager un 'beauty post'. ;) Voici mes coups de coeur du moment.


My absolute favorite products of the moment are from the Cellular Radiance Collection by LA PRAIRIE. Every day I apply the Emulsion as a daycream underneath my make-up. The Night Cream makes my skin stronger, gives a deep hydration and makes sure that it recovers from all the damage obtained during the day.

The Concentrate Pure Gold (serum) which contains colloidal gold, flecks of gold and liquid crystals to rejuvenate the skin is just magnificent! I can't live without it anymore! :D You should definitely ask for a sample in stores and find out yourself whether you like it as much as I do.

I also use the Foam Cleanser to clean my face and remove all makeup. The Cellular Refining Lotion is my second step. I apply it every night after cleaning. It makes sure that all make-up has been removed. Another important aspect of a toner is that it recovers the natural pH balance of your skin. The skin typically looses pH balance when we apply cleansers and when we expose our skin to pollution.

The La Prairie Cellular Mineral Body & Face Exfoliator contains – get ready for this – diamond powder! :D It gently removes dirt, dead skin and impurities, leaving my skin fresh, glowing and optimized to absorb the rest of my skin care routine without that whole dry, tight and scratchy sensation. These tubes are a great addition to my summer body care routine.


I'm using NUXE for several years now. I discovered 'Huile Prodigieuse' the first time backstage during a fashion show. Since that day I'm taking it everywhere with me. Love the fact that you can use it for your hair and skin. Recently I'm also using their Bio Beauté hair products based on coconut and almonds. It makes my hair so soft, a real pleasure!

CHRISTOPHE ROBIN did the best invention ever; A day cream for our hair with a delicious fragrance! Isn't that great? A must-have in every women's handbag!

MOROCCAN OIL; One of the main ingredients of the hair treatment is Argania Spinosa kernel oil. This is a natural oil taken from the nuts of the Argan Tree which is predominately found in Morocco. The hair treatment is ultra-light and is absorbed instantly into the hair shaft and does not leave the greasy residue that some oils and serums can do.


Italian fashion design house LUI JO launches its first fragrance, Liu Jo Eau de Parfum, in May of 2014. The fragrance embodies the brand’s philosophy - natural and contemporary glamour and casual elegance. I adore the oriental, fruity smell. Liu Jo Eau de Parfum is available in 30, 50 and 75 ml and in matching body products. Hubby told me it's a keeper! ;)

Doctor Ilan Karavani has written a book called 'UW HUID'. He has over 30 years of experience in dermatology. I've just finished reading it and I can tell you that it's very instructive, a professional guide if you're looking for a proper skin care and esthetic treatments for the face. Your can buy this little pearl in the Standaard Boekhandel for €22,50.


On a daily basis I’m wearing white, red or nude nail polish. It will suit every look. So when you are in a hurry and don’t know which colour to choose, go light! Stylish and safe. ;) But of course like every girl I can definitely appreciate a pop of color & fantasy! Playing around with nail polishes is something I really love. Thanks to PRONAILS I can’t get enough of mix and matching with my nails. ;)


One of my all-time favorite products: the SALLY HANSEN Airbrush Legs! My legs are very pale compared to the rest of my body and during summer I want a nice natural tan on my legs. This is the solution. It gives a nice healthy glow and also “blurs” imperfections.This product claims to be water resistant and it really is! When I hopped into the shower, I was expecting to see the product wash away and turn the water brown, but NOPE! The only way this product will come off is with soap and water. All in all, if you are someone who doesn’t like wearing shorts or bikinis because of stretch marks or unevenness on your legs, this is a great product! For the amount of product you get, the price is good, I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Remember I told you above that I was wearing white nail polish on a daily basis. Well, here is my all time favourite nail polish! Ivory Skull from SALLY HANSEN. This one is really opaque and dries quickly. You will love it!


RITUALS HAMMAM HOT SCRUB is a sea salt body scrub that gives an ultra-purifying and nourishing effect whilst leaving your skin ultra soft and refreshed. It's easy to use; apply the scrub to damp skin and massage your entire body in circular movements. Rinse with lukewarm water and enjoy!

RITUALS SHANTI SHOWER is a nourishing shower oil. It transforms into a silky soft foam on contact with water, leaving my skin wonderfully soft thanks to the sweet almond oil and a relaxing effect due to the Indian rose.


MAC... still remains my best makeup products. I adore their eye shadow, concealer and lipsticks. I'm also a huge fan of the YSL ones. So, here we are. I hope this post will bring you some tips and tricks. ;) Enjoy your day, Lima xoxo

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Gravatar Kiwi Fashion Blog

Reply Kiwi Fashion Blog on 07 July 2014:

Oh your vanity table is so gorgeous! Looks like we both love the Moraccaine hair oil! Isn't that the best thing?

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 07 July 2014:

Oooooh eindelijk!!!! Super post!!! Dana

Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 07 July 2014:

I love this post. I didn't know the products of La Prarie. I will try them. Rituels is also one of my favourite brands. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 07 July 2014:

Love this post Lima!! Thank you

Gravatar Kathleen Harper

Reply Kathleen Harper on 08 July 2014:

These are great picks! It's so interesting to see your favorite products, I love Mac too!

Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 08 July 2014:

Ik vroeg erna op instagram! Hartelijk Dank om een post te maken voor jouw readers!! Gaat ons zeker helpen! Dikke kus en doe zo voort. Nele :)

Gravatar Karlien Vermeersch

Reply Karlien Vermeersch on 08 July 2014:

wow a lot of beautiful products!


Gravatar Anonymous

Reply Anonymous on 08 July 2014:

Love the La Prairie products!!! Amazing!!!

Gravatar i.s.

Reply i.s. on 08 July 2014:

la prairie is amazing x

Gravatar Chahrazad

Reply Chahrazad on 08 July 2014:

Great products!!


Gravatar Aurélie - lovelifelovefashion

Reply Aurélie - lovelifelovefashion on 10 July 2014:

Prachtige essentials! Maar vooral je make-up tafel is super!! Als we ooit wat groter wonen moet ik ook zo iets hebben. Ook al draag ik niet zo vaak make-up :D

x Aurélie

Gravatar Caroline

Reply Caroline on 10 July 2014:

All these products are luxury in a bottle! I love it. I'm just waiting for the day when I can buy only La Prairie that would be amazing.

Gravatar ChocolateFashionCoffee

Reply ChocolateFashionCoffee on 11 July 2014:
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