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It's time again for a 'beauty talk' ladies!:

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It's time again for a 'beauty talk' ladies!:

Caudalie Vinoperfect is a water based milky serum and possibly one of the most light weight ones I've ever tried. It sinks into the skin within seconds, leaving no tacky or sticky residue. I've been using this, morning and night, by pressing it onto my skin just after toning and before moisturizing. The product has really helped me fade some unwanted marks. If you have dark spots and marks and you want to get rid of it, I recommend it to you! I'm using the Caudalie Vinoperfect Fluide Teinté Peau Parfaite as a bb cream, to obtain that natural flawless glow.

Caudalie launched four facial masks in their skincare line: Glycolic Peel Mask, Instant Detox Mask, Purifying Mask, Moisturizing Mask. Although I'm a huge fan of Caudalie, this is my first experience with their masks and I am really impressed. There are four masks each designed for different needs - you can mix and match masks to create your own custom mask treatment. The options allow you to tailor your treatment to each area of the face. For example, if you're looking for skin clarity, your T-zone might need oil absorption while the cheeks might need brightening. In this case you would use the Purifying Mask in the T-zone and Glycolic Peel on the cheek areas. The concept is quite clever and I tried all four of their pairing suggestions (you can find the face charts on the Caudalie website).

Caudalie has launched a new fragrance in their Eau Fraîche collection; Rose de Vigne. Image the foot of a vineyard with lots of adorable rosebushes - the queen of flowers. They create a beautiful landscape together with sunlight, green, flowers and fruit. Mix this sent together with the life joy of grapes and Rose de Vigne is born. The perfume is created with roses, grapefruit, rhubarb, lilly of the valley, magnolia, white musk and wood bark. And yes it smells as good as it sounds! When I tried it on, it reminded me of summer happiness! <3


The Rituals Tao collection was inspired by the Yin & Yang and the desire to find balance, inner tranquility and peace of mind. They feature traditional Chinese ingredients such as white lotus, Chinese peppermint and Yi Yi Ren – properties known to have a soothing, nourishing and balancing effect upon the body. I'm really loving it cuz my skin is silky soft and nourished after using it.

Mandi Lulur Body Scrub & Body Cream with Frangipani & Rice Milk has THE most amazing summer scent ever. My skin felt so soft, so clean & smelled so good! A beautiful radiant glow. Easy to say that I’m very, very pleased with this product & I absolutely recommend this product for the summer! Get it while you still can! They also have a shower foam, which I can’t wait to get my hands on, a shimmer body cream, bath foam, candles & fragrance sticks. ;)


The products of JYB are as natural and organic as possible. On each package you can read how much percentage of the product is biological and which ingredients are incorporated. It's one of the first facial products that I know that are made for the hubby and me. My skin feels so soft and clean after using these. Besides that, the packages are also so stylish on my make-up table. Tripple pleasures! :D


It's not a secret, colored hair is mostly damaged. I'm doing it for years now and by getting older I realize my hair became more sensitive. L'Oréal Paris Vitamino Color A-OX range is a perfect solution for that. I used these 3 products and I was very pleased with the result. My hair was so shiny and smooth. It only took 3-4 weeks to notice a huge difference!


Who doesn't know the benefits of Dove? I think we all agree that they are basic products in our bathroom and that we grew up with it. As Dove reminds me of my childhood I'm still using it today. They truly are amazing and smell so good. My body and hair always feel so satin soft and smooth. Dove will be a product that I will also use for my children one day. Just like mummy did to continue the story! ;)


Kérastase Paris has developed a revolutionary new line of hair products called RÉSISTANCE THÉRAPISTE designed to treat all of the symptoms of over processed hair. Suffering from split ends, lifelessness and brittleness? Well then, look no further than the RÉSISTANCE THÉRAPISTE which recreated these hair fibres to help restore that life back into your hair with their advanced formula. I tried the Bain Thérapiste & Sérum Thérapiste and I can't live without anymore. My hair looks much healthier since.

Shu Uemura is my beloved beauty brand. Everything they place on the market is always so innovative and unique. The same for these two wonder products. Shu Uemura Art of Hair Instant Replenisher Serum recovers the strength of the hair fibre from within while nourishing and smoothing for a soft and flexible finish.

Shu Uemura Wonder Worker Air Dry / Blow Dry Perfector is a multi-tasking primer that effortlessly perfects the hair’s surface to enhance the performance of styling products. Ideal for air-drying, blow-drying, and refreshing second-day hair, its 7 instant benefits work to hydrate, detangle, smooth, condition, boost radiance, tame frizz, and add silkiness. This product really deserves its name WONDER :D

I admit I first fell in love with the opaline bottle. A touch of rose and the silhouette of the Carita sisters, Carita & Courrèges impresses with its freshness and simplicity. It's a multifunctional oil that softens and smoothes dry skin and hair.


I started to use Nuxe years ago backstage for my fashion shows. The Huile Prodigieuse is always in my bag as it's a multifunctional oil. At that time it wasn't available in Belgium yet so I went to France to shop some stock. Now you can find them in every pharmacy. I've been using the BB cream, Crème Fraîche De Beauté, Gel Nettoyant rêve de miel for 2 months and I was very happy with the result. The texture and smell is always heavenly good with Nuxe.


Philosophy No Reason to Hide has been formulated as a two step routine to deliver long terms results alongside immediate improvements. It is like the best of both worlds. It's a dark spot corrector, calming cream and refining serum all in one to treat: blotchiness, redness, dark sports, acne marks etc. This is really a must-have! I combined it with the Time In A Bottle For Eyes.


BIODERMA Sensibio is no doubt my ALL TIME FAVOURITE make-up remover. Why? Simply because it feels like water and doesn't dry out my skin. I'm also using the Photoderm Max Tinted sunscreen these days with the tropical temperatures we have. The Photoderm Autobronzant is a must if you are still looking for an easy way to be tanned! One spray click and you're ready. ;)

Louis Widmer Emulsion Corps is my body lotion of the moment. As I'm tanned I really wanted a good cream to nourish my body. This one fits me perfectly.

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Gravatar Elke

Reply Elke on 14 July 2015:

Great products! Especially PHILOSOPHY. I just love their miracle worker overnight. A must have! ❤
I also love all your hair products. Interesting post!

Gravatar Anastasia

Reply Anastasia on 15 July 2015:

Love your products!
Nice post babe x

Gravatar Truelivingway

Reply Truelivingway on 15 July 2015:

I love the Caudalie products, also a big fan!
I want to try the Philosophy now :D

Gravatar La couleur du moment

Reply La couleur du moment on 15 July 2015:

Super ce post. J'attends ceci depuis très longtemps. J'ai hate d'essayer quelques produits. Moi j'utilise déjà Nuxe depuis un petit temps mais j'ai hate de tester autre chose. Merci à toi!


Reply 15 July 2015:

Vers Nice post!!


Gravatar Angela Donava

Reply Angela Donava on 16 July 2015:

Wonderful post!
Have a great evening!
Angela Donava

Gravatar Eni

Reply Eni on 18 July 2015:
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