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Many of you have seen on my Instagram and Snapchat @limaswardrobe that I had the immense honor to be a part of the KARL family!! If there is one person in this world who could make me lose all my senses and make me fre

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Many of you have seen on my Instagram and Snapchat @limaswardrobe that I had the immense honor to be a part of the KARL family!! If there is one person in this world who could make me lose all my senses and make me freak out, it would definitely be Monsieur KARL LAGERFELD. I love his personality, his classy looks, his sharp humor… Looks like everything he touches turns into gold! To me he’s one of the most talented persons I know!

So when they asked me to join the KARL family I was so excited!! I love the collection, it’s always so classy, refined with a special touch. Exactly what I love when it comes to fashion. In today’s post I’m showing you a #TEAMKARL tee of the collection. I combined it with a tutu skirt and a lovely Kocktail Karl Crossbody bag. I also did a mini interview that you can find on the site here. Make sure to have a look and don’t forget to share the love with #TEAMKARL Wishing you a beautiful day!


Comme vous avez déjà pu voir sur Instagram et Snapchat @limaswardrobe, désormais je fais partie de l’équipe KARL LAGERFELD. Quel immense honneur, n’est pas? Je ne vous raconte pas le jour où la marque m’a contactée pour cette collaboration j’étais aux anges! Etant une grande fan de la marque et de Karl en personne ce fût un grand OUI!!

Pour moi, KARL est le Dieu de la mode! Je l’ai toujours admiré pour son talent et sa personnalité. Sans parler de son humour tranchant et son image classe!! D’ailleurs, la collection lui correspond totalement. Aujourd’hui je vous montre donc le t-shirt #TEAMKARL de la collection que j’ai combiné avec un tutu et ce merveilleux petit Kocktail Karl Crossbody. Je vous invite à retrouver ma story et la collection en ligne ici. Merci encore pour votre lecture et à très bientôt -x-


Come molte di voi già sapranno, seguendomi sia su Instagram che su Snapcha (@limaswardrobe), ho avuto l’immenso onore di far parte della grande famiglia di KARL. Ovviamente parlo di Monsieur KARL LAGERFELD, l’unica persona al mondo per la quale perdo completamente la testa. Adoro la sua personalità, i suoi look così classici, il suo spiccato senso dell’umorismo e la sua capacità di trasformare in oro tutto quello che tocca. Trovo che sia uno degli stilisti di maggior talento che conosca. Oggi voglio mostrarvi una maglia della collezione #TEAMKARL, che ho abbinato a una gonna in tulle e alla favolosa borsa Kocktail Karl Crossbody. Andate a vedere la mia intervista! Vi auguro una buona giornata, mie care! A presto, Lima

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Wearing: KARL LAGERFELD bag and tee HEREBALENCIAGA bracelet – ZARA jacket, shoes – TUTU skirt.

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Gravatar Sandra

Reply Sandra on 14 September 2016:

Dear Lima,

What a great story and what an awesome look!!
I love it!
Would you please send me a short information on where you bought the tutu skirt?
It is so hard to find a good one and yours just looks perfect.

I really adore your style.

I am also a huge admirer of Karl Lagerfeld :-)
Simply love him.

All the best,

Gravatar Audrey Costy

Reply Audrey Costy on 14 September 2016:

Waw!! Félicitation à toi, tu le mérites!

Les photos sont magnifiques, by the way !

Des bisous <3.

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