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Hi Peeps! I think most of my friends would agree if I say that I'm an outgoing ind

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A bewerkte achtergrond

Hi Peeps! I think most of my friends would agree if I say that I'm an outgoing individual who loves action, has tremendous energy and enjoys being active. My mood can turn around within minutes, just like the Belgian weather "5 minutes rain and 10 minutes sunshine". :D Haha. One thing for sure, I love laughing more than anything and I truly believe in staying positive in all circumstances. This is what keeps the spirit young and alive. My style is just as spontaneous and impulsive as my character and I always dress according to my mood. I woke up this morning, went straight to my closet, and pulled out my super comfy H&M ripped jeans with a simple white tee. We all know you never can go wrong with jeans and white. To add a lil character to the outfit I wore my leopard heels. Today I'm also showing you my new House Of Cases clutch (here) and La Fille Des Fleurs bag (here). The great thing about the clutch is that it's multifunctional; an IPad case but also a very stylish clutch. Super, isn't it? And my new bag is one of my favourites. Love the color, model and print so much! Hope you like it as much as I do. Thank you so much for passing by and reading. I wish you all a great day! Lima

Hello les filles!! Comme je disais ci dessus, mon style dépend toujours de mon humeur. Ce matin je me suis levée et je me suis tout de suite dirigée vers mon dressing pour y prendre mon jeans préféré de H&M et un simple T-shirt blanc. Pour ajouter un peu de caractère à mon look j'ai opté pour mes talons léopard. Rien de plus stylé qu'un jeans, un haut blanc et un peu de léo ;) n'est ce pas?! Aujourd'hui je vous montre aussi ma nouvelle pochette (aussi une trousse IPad) de House Of Cases (ici) et mon sac La Fille Des Fleurs (ici). Comme j'aime mes 2 nouveaux petits trésors. Leurs imprimés et modèles sont juste top! J'espère que vous aimez autant que moi cet ensemble décontracté et je vous dis à bientôt! Lima -X-

Chi mi conosce sa bene che sono una persona molto alla mano, che amo l’azione, sono piena di energia e adoro stare in movimento. Cambio facilmente e velocemente umore,un po’ come il tempo qui in Belgio, dove fa notoriamente 5 minuti di pioggia e 10 di sole. Comunque una cosa è certa: adoro ridere più di ogni altra cosa al mondo e cerco di essere sempre positiva e ottimista. E questo mio essere spontanea e anche impulsiva si riflette perfettamente nel mio stile, infatti mi vesto sempre in base all’umore. Questa mattina, ad esempio, mi sono alzata, sono andata diritta verso l’armadio e ho tirato fuori questo paio di jeans con gli strappi di H&M (super comodi!) e una semplicissima maglia bianca. Lo sappiamo tutte che non si sbaglia mai con questo abbinamento, vero? Per aggiungere un pizzico di carattere, ho indossato i miei tacchi leopardati. Ne approfitto anche per farvi vedere la mia nuova clutch di House Of Cases: è fantastica perché è molto versatile, la posso usare come porta iPad o come borsa! Fantastico, vero? Ed ecco l’altra mia nuova borsa, La Fille Des Fleurs. Già la adoro per il colore, la fantasia e il modello! Spero che piacciano anche a voi! Grazie ancora per continuare a seguirmi. Vi auguro buona giornata. A presto, Lima -X-






Jeans, ring: H&M - Sunglasses: KYMESUNGLASSES - Bag: LA FILLE DES FLEURS - Clutch: HOUSE OF CASES - Heels: DUNE - Tee: CELINE.


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I'm Lima Ché, a model and blogger from Belgium. This is my fashion diary where I get to share my personal style, inspirations, launches, musthaves, products and event reviews. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions at
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Gravatar Elke Meirlaen

Reply Elke Meirlaen on 19 September 2014:

J'aime absolument cet ensemble décontracté mais... j'adore ce sac "La fille"!!! Il est dplendide!!!! <3


Reply 19 September 2014:

This outfit is so street style chic. You really rock it!
Come and check my new post of you want , Lara

Gravatar Suzy

Reply Suzy on 19 September 2014:

Wow!!! I love everything. That bag and clutch are wonderful x

Gravatar vqgzgzjtr

Reply vqgzgzjtr on 19 September 2014:

High Waist Pants & Cheetah PumpsLima's Wardrobe

Gravatar Delphine

Reply Delphine on 19 September 2014:

Bonjour Lima, je viens de découvrir ton blog dernièrement et je dois te féliciter. Tu m'inspires énormément. Merci de prendre ton temps a répondre à mes mails, vraiment appréciée. Tu es vraiment faite pour ce métier. Continue à nous inspirer... Amicalement, Delphine


Reply 19 September 2014:

You look smashing hot babe, like always ;)

Sara from


Reply 19 September 2014:

Heel mooie look. Die blauwe handtas is echt mijn ding. Waar kan ik deze vinden? Avast bedankt.


Reply 20 September 2014:

One love girl

Gravatar Eni

Reply Eni on 20 September 2014:

Sei bellissima e le tue scarpe davvero fantastiche! Baci,


Reply 20 September 2014:

Top look, top girl, top body and face!! Your newest follower ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sandrina

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Gravatar Annabel Pesant

Reply Annabel Pesant on 21 September 2014:

Die tshirt blijft echt leuk!
Staat je super sweety!


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Gravatar Annick Room

Reply Annick Room on 23 September 2014:

Great post ! Perfect choice of bags by the way :-), you can find other bags of the brand "La Fille des Fleurs" on my webshop !

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Gravatar Lucia Gallego

Reply Lucia Gallego on 25 September 2014:

Hi Lima!
You look stuning in this look! :)
I love the simply mix with jeans and tee!
Have a nice day!

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High Waist Pants & Cheetah PumpsLima's Wardrobe

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