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posted 6 years ago, on

How do you know.............. the moment is here
Is it the longing, yearning ....... or the anger when torn apart
a minute alone a lifetime wasted.... does hearing his name excite you
sharing a moment, knowing it was golden, or crying in his arms feeling sad
dare you imagine a life without him, soldiering on as a distraught singleton
Is it those moments during daydreams when you forget his face, his smile
Or the times you cannot sleep, because you haven't shared a laugh today
I have felt hunger from the bottom of my stomach that eats from inside
His voice sounds like a ballad of hope, his touch shudders your soul
Concentration long since departed, left you to lingering thoughts
Only his image his aura, have found a quiet place in your mind
Your beating heart races wildly when he calls your name,
world around slows down when he kisses your lips
nothing in life matters, he says he loves you
you wonder, could he really be the one
is this what love is, could be
desire, hope, belief
I should know
I found me
In you

*Dedicated to my husband*

I'm wearing a wedding dress and veil from Sara's Bridal Amsterdam and Versace heels. My husband is wearing a made to measure suit from Café Costume and Dolce & Gabbana shoes. Pictures by Kevin Swijsen.
Big Love,


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Gravatar Anonymous

ReplyAnonymous on 19 September 2012:

Yes indeed once upon a time... There was a princess... Such a beautiful post!  Live your life like a princess now! So nice and romantic wedding, you lucky girl, God bless you!  One of your beautiful post ever!!! Keep up the good work!! We are Looking forward  for your future post and your hard work! We are waiting for your pregnancy and baby post now;)))))

Gravatar Anonymous

ReplyAnonymous on 20 September 2012:

nice post too! Enjoy your happy married life with your hubby! Mimi Almeida

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 20 September 2012:

Thank you very much!!!!!!Hhahahaha the first message is so funny!!!!I really want children but not yet ;) One step by step please! Mimi thank you for all the support and lovely words!!!!Sending you a lot of love xxx

Gravatar Sara's Bridal

ReplySara's Bridal on 21 September 2012:

Super mooi bruidje

De jurk staat je geweldig

Ik wens je al het geluk van de wereld..

Veel liefs

Sara's Bridal

Gravatar Lima Ché

ReplyLima Ché on 25 September 2012:

Dank je wel lieverd!!!!!Tot snel xxx

Gravatar Camille Melchor

ReplyCamille Melchor on 30 January 2013:

i love this!!! :) your soooo pretty!! i love you blog!!come check my blog too :)

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